This scene from Barrister Babu was adorable

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Show Barrister Babu is a show showcasing the story of a time when women’s were burned alive after the death of their husband as per the ‘sati pratha’. Barrister Babu’ story revolves around Bondita and Anirudh!

Bondita, 8 years old girl was forced to get burn alive after her forceful marriage with an old man who dies immediately after the wedding. After, Anirudh sees villagers dragging Bondita to perform Sati ritual tries to stop them. He asks the villagers not to burn Bondita as she is innocent and knows nothing. When the villagers started questioning him for supporting Bondita, Anirudh to save Bondita fills her hairline with the sindoor. He promises to take the responsibility of Bondita.

When Anirudh along with Bondita reaches to Roy house his father Binoy and uncle Trilochan refuses to accept the little girl as Roy’s daughter-in law. Anirudh tries to make both understand that Bondita is not his wife. Instead she is just his responsibility.

To make Anirudh realize his mistake Binoy and Trilochan decides to force Anirudh to perform all the post marriage ritual with Bondita. Anirudh gets irked hearing them. Here, Bondita thinks to complete all the post marriage ritual because her mother has promised her that once the rituals will get over than she will come to stay with her.

Anirudh refuses to perform any ritual with Bondita. But he agrees later after he learnt that Bondita is the girl whose letter reached him accidentally.

At Roy’s house Anirudh and Bondita performs the rituals. Afterwards, Sampoorna and Bondita both get happy to go back to their village. Sampoorna asks Bondita for becoming a good wife she has to take care of Anirudh. She also asks Bondita to do the packing of Anirudh and keep all his important stuffs.

8 year old, Bondita recalls Sampoorna’s word and does the packing of Anirudh before going to her house. Later, Somnath enquires Bihari and asks him why he touched Anirudh’s study without taking permission from him. Bihari says he didn’t. Anirudh comes and gets angry after not finding the books. He asks Batuk and Somnath to look for his books. Roy’s hears Bondita’s voice and rushes to see her.

Roy’s see heap of books has covered Bondita. Bondita somehow manages to come out from them. Batuk asks Anirudh to scold her. Anirudh before reacting asks Bondita why she brought his all the books from his study.

Bondita explains to him that she to perform wife’s responsibility tried to pack his books too. Anirudh gets confused. Bondita adds, she knows Anirudh can’t live without his books. He is going with her to bring Sumati. But he will miss his books thus she decided to pack his books along with the other stuffs.

Anirudh laughs on Bondita’s innocence and this scene from Barrister Babu was surely one of the adorable scene of the duos so far.

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