Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 18th February 2022 Written Update: Naina gets jealous of Kajol.


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 18th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anurag feeding the cake to Kajol and everyone clapping. Anurag gets down on his knees and asks Kajol to marry him. Anurag tells he wants to spend his life with her,he tells Kajol’s selflessness and helping nature makes her the most beautiful girl in this world and asks her to give him the chance to marry her. Kajol says yes and Anurag introduces her as his better half to everyone. Maahi Re plays in background as Anurag and Kajol stare at each other.

Bolti offers water to her aunt as she starts coughing but gets taunted by her. Priyanka’s mother tell her to return home. Priyanka tells she is not going to accept defeat so soon. Sharmila welcomes Ayan and Shreya. Bolti asks Ayan if he is also upset with her? Ayan tells he is glad for her. Bolti asks why didn’t he come to meet her? Ayan tells everything happened so quickly that he didn’t get time. Bolti tells she is very happy and everyone loves her a lot in her new family. Ayan tells Bolti to introduce Apu with him.

Naina congratulates Kajol and tells today you must be very happy as you got such a big lottery. Bolti mocks Naina and tells her to come with her. Kajol asks Dida Maa if she forgave her? Dida Maa tells Kajol to keep Anurag happy and her happiness is in his happiness. Naina tells Priyanka so finally she accepted her defeat,Naina mocks her. Priyanka tells Naina to celebrate as her sister scored big. Naina makes fun of Priyanka and tells she sympathises with her and can turn the game on her side.

Priyanka asks Naina why would she go against her sister to support her? Naina saves her contact in Priyanka’s phone and tells him to contact her later. Ayan tells Anurag he is really very lucky and he finally got all the attention he deserves. Bolti tells it is such a big announcement but the celebration is so low so turn up the music. Sharmila brings all the couples on stage and asks them to dance. Naina tells Arjun to dance well. Arjun tells Naina that now Kajol is going to marry Anurag so she is going to much better than you. Naina thinks she won’t just take share in her father’s property but also bring darkness in Kajol’s life.

Bolti tells Apu finally Anurag and Kajol’s love story has a happy ending. Apu tells finally their tragic love story changed into a romantic story. Kajol tells Anurag there is no bound to her happiness today. Anurag tells Kajol finally the queen of his dreams and his princess is in front of him,with him. Anurag and Kajol dance gracefully as Maahi Re plays in background. The episode ends with everyone clapping for Anurag and Kajol as they embrace each other.

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