Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 18th January 2022 Written Update: Kaushik calls the cops.


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 18th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kajol telling Bolti to go home and her coming here like this would ruin everything. Bolti tells her father locked me in house and took my phone and if I go home now I would never be able to see Apu again. Bolti tells you don’t know my father he will get me married to anyone for business advantage and money. Kajol tells Bolti she will come and talk with her parents and explain to him. Anurag tells Bolti is right. Naina tells everyone to trust her she hasn’t done anything. Anandita tells Bolti is rich and you are looking at your own advantage.

Anurag tells he knows Kaushik uncle very well he won’t understand Bolti’s love. Kajol tells she will tell Naina and Chandana to talk with her parents. Anurag tells Kajol she has to do something to help Bolti. Apu tells he will marry Bolti right now. Naina tells she is being blamed without any reason and they are all getting trapped in someone’s trap. Arjun asks who is directing this play? Naina tells Shreya. Anandita tells whenever anything happens in this house you conviniently check blame Shreya. Shreya tells she is the elder daughter-in-law of this house and she has always thought of good of this family. Arjun tells everyone to stop the drama and start looking for Bolti.

Kaushik tells to call inspector with his team. Shreya brings water for Anandita and tells not to worry. Kajol tells she will go with Chandana and explain to them. Naina tries calling Kajol but she doesn’t pick up her call. Kajol is about to pick up the call but Apu breaks it. Chandana wakes up and asks what is Bolti doing here at this time? Kajol tells Bolti has left her house. Apu tells Bolti not to worry if his family doesn’t support him he will run away from here and marry her today itself. Kaushik tells inspector that Apu,Kajol and Chandana have trapped my daughter and kidnapped her and I want to see them behind prison.

Apu tells he won’t compromise on his love. Kajol tells Apu to think before speaking. Anurag tells his way of saying might be wrong but he is saying the right thing. Anurag tells Kaushik would kill Apu but he won’t get him married to Bolti. Kajol tells there is already so much problem between this two families. Naina tells Bolti is not a kid and she left herself so how can we blame my family. Anurag tells Bolti not to worry her brother is with him and he will get them married and today itself. Naina tries to convince Kaushik not to take the police to her house.

Kaushik tells he will ruin Apu’s life. Chandana tells Apu not to hurry as this will ruin his sister’s life. Chandana tells Apu to think as he will marry here and Naina’s marriage will break there. Kajol tells Chandana that sacrificing Bolti and Apu’s love would be unfair. Kajol tells we have no idea what Bolti’s family will do after we send her back. Kajol tells we should get Bolti and Apu married and we will handle whatever happens later. The episode ends with Kajol telling Chandana to give her blessings to Apu and Bolti.

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