Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25th October 2021 Written Update: Kajol comes to Anurag’s house.


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anurag’s aunt watch video of past durga puja celebration by Anjali and tells the servant to make a list of articles and she wants the same decor. Anurag returns home and his aunt ask him if he invited Kajol? Anurag tells Kajol doesn’t want to keep any relationship with us and she is busy. His aunt tells she did a mistake by telling Anurag to invite her he might have shouted at her again. Anurag tells if they give money many people will come to help Kajol is not the only one. Anurag’s aunt gets happy waching Kajol at the door and Anurag is surprised.

Kajol tells Anurag’s aunt she came to apologize as she did not know she was inviting her for Durga Puja. Anurag’s aunt brings her inside and tells Anurag to bring snacks for her. Naina and Arjun are celebrating in a bar. Naina kisses Arjun and tells she is not Kajol so she is not afraid to show her love to take her right,she tells Arjun she won’t share him with anyone. Arjun told why is she talking about sharing? Naina tells she is not a fool like Kajol to not know about Arjun’s special relationship with Shreya but she has only one condition for this marriage.

Shreya tells Aion everyone at home is hiding something from them. Aion tells her to call her brother-in-law he will tell her everything. Shreya tells after his marriage broke he is sad. Aion tells he knows his brother and he is definitely after some innocent girl again. Shreya tells her father told he has some important work. Aion tells he wants to call us back to Kolkata. Shreya gets excited and tells should we start packing? Aion tells Shreya he will trust her for one last time and if she did not stop what she is doing he will leave her forever. Shreya promises him not to give him any chance of complaining.

Priyanka gets jealous of Anurag’s aunt talking Kajol and Anurag staring at her. Naina tells Arjun to sign an agreement that she can sue him if he ever cheats on her. Arjun thinks he would do anything to take revenge from Kajol and signs the agreement. Priyanka tells Kajol she is Arjun’s close friend and they were together in college. Aunt tells Kajol that Anurag will drop her.

Chandana calls and finalise dates of Arjun and Naina’s marriage. Shyam tells Chandana to rethink about the marriage. Naina tells everyone is thinking only about Kajol and no one cares for her happiness. Shreya tells Aion not to inform the family about them coming back as she wants to surprise them. Shreya thinks now she will find out what is going on behind her back. Anurag tries to talk with Kajol in car and comes with stupid topics only. The episode ends with Kajol thinking Anurag is not so bad.

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