Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th September 2021 Written Update: Chandana blames Kajol for her father’s death.


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th September 2021 Written Update on

Panditji tells he has given the list of things for tervi to Shyam and everyone who was present on the funeral should attend it. Shyam tells he will take care of everything and asks Kajol to invite Anurag. Kajol comes to Anurag’s house and gives the invitation to his aunt. While leaving Kajol recognizes Anjali’s picture and tells she was her favorite music teacher in school and she was her favourite student. Anurag thinks if this is the reason he always feels a connection with Kajol. Anurag’s father tells his wife Anjali is no more. Kajol tells she is sorry she didn’t know about his mother. Kajol tells Anurag that it would be nice if comes. Anurag tells if starts attending rituals like this he won’t be able to practice.

Kajol tells it was his duty to invite him and he can do whatever he thinks is right. Anurag thinks why does he always say the opposite thing. Anurag stares at Kajol leaving. Arjun tells Kajol did not do good by insulting him and he will see how she breaks the relationship with him. Kajol tells ThakurMaa that Anurag’s mother left him when he was young maybe that is why he bheaves rudely. Kajol tells she feels Bishu is here only and watching us. Thakur Maa tells Bishu might be watching us as he might also be missing us. Kajol starts crying and tells she won’t be able to eat.

Anurag reads his mother’s diary, Anjali wrote it was her birthday and the best gift given to her was by Kajol, she wished Kajol keeps sim him beautifully. Anurag wishes he can ask Kajol more about his mother but he is afraid he will speak something rude. Anurag wonders when will he learn to speak his heart. Kajol thinks about her mother’s taunts and starts crying. Kajol tells Thakur Maa how to explain to her mother she did not harm her father? Thakur Maa tells it doesn’t matter what others think your father trusted you the most.

Kajol reads Bishu’s letter and he tells her never to loose hope and take care of the house always. Kajol promises her father to take care of everyone and keep everyone happy. Kajol’s aunt ask her what she thought about Arjun? Kajol tells she won’t marry Arjun. Thakur Maa tells not to take such decision in hurry. Kajol’s auntKajol tells her decision was wrong and she can’t marry Arjun. Chandana tells you wanted to marry Arjun,it was your choice and now suddenly you don’t want to marry him?

Kajol tells her mother Arjun is not the right guy. Chandana tells if you would have married Arjun they might have helped us a bit but now you will stay a burden on us. Chandana tells Kajol her father died because of you,because you are cursed. The episode ends with Kajol asking her aunt what did she do that her mother cursed her so much.

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