Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 29th November 2021 Written Update: Kajol misses Anurag


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani  29th November 2021 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Kajol is missing her father. Seeing her father’s picture, she says that she will miss him at the function. At the same time, Pisima comes there. She gifts a saree to Kajol. Naina comes there and she snatches the saree from Kajol’s hand. She says that she deserves this saree. Kajol gives her that saree but on one condition when she will wear the jewellery given by her mother. Naina gets ready for this.

Pisima admires Kajol’s, big heart. She blesses her that Kajol finds a good-hearted soul mate. Kajol misses Anurag. Anurag is also missing Kajol. He does not understand why his heart is missing Kajol so much. He thinks that he should meet Kajol one last time. Here Pisima also wants to come to the award function with Kajol. However, Kajol refuses as today is a big day for Naina and she wants Pisima to stay with Naina. Pisima understands her point.

Here Dida wants to go to the airport with Anurag. However, since Anurag wants to attend the award function, he refuses her to accompany him. Sharmila understands his point and tells Dida that they should let Anurag go alone. Meanwhile, Kajol’s mother and Pisima bless her. Naina is irked seeing this and takes her mother from there. While Kajol thinks that she should talk to Anurag today and apologize to him.

Ahead, Pisima is looking forward to seeing the award function on the TV. But Naina cuts the TV cable. Later, Kajol reaches the function. Media and others praise Kajol’s bravery. Sharmila also comes there. She says that she thought that Anurag would come to meet Kajol. But he didn’t come. Kajol is also searching for Anurag. Sharmila tells her that Anurag will not come so she should not search for him. Kajol is confident that Anurag will come.

While Anurag thinks of not joining the function. Later he starts seeing Kajol everywhere. He thinks that he should see Kajol receiving the award on his phone. Here Kajol’s brother also shows the award function to Pisima and others on his phone. Just then Naina starts shouting. Kajol’s brother goes to her. Naina gives him some work to do. Here Priyanka calls Dida. She tells her that she is going to meet Anurag alone since Anurag has got his flight ahead of schedule. Dida says fine. Here Kajol is called on the stage to give the award. Sharmila calls Anurag. He doesn’t pick up his call. Everyone in the function feels that Anurag has not come intentionally. But further Anurag thinks of joining the function.

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