Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 2nd March 2022 Written Update: Kajol and Anurag’s Haldi ceremony begins.

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 2nd March 2022 Written Update on

The episode started with Police coming inside Kaushik’s house again and Kajol telling them to arrest Kaushik. Kaushik tells what is going on and what is his crime? Kajol shows him video of his confession of keeping Bulti forcibly against her wish and threatening to kill Apu. Kajol tells Bulti she had to do all this drama to bring out the truth and shows recording everything from her hidden camera. Police arrests Kaushik and Anandita. Kaushik tells Bulti they are her parents and whatever they did was for her good.

Bulti tells Kaushik he did everything only for his ego and she can never forgive him for what he did. Kajol asks Bulti what does she want to do with them? Bulti tells police to let them go and warns Kaushik not to harm Apu or she will forget they are her parents. Anurag and Kajol bring Bulti back to Kajol’s house. Everyone is surprised to see Kajol coming from outside. Kajol tells them she faked being ill because she wanted to go and rescue Bulti. Kajol tells everyone how Kaushik kept Bulti under house arrest against her wish. Bulti tells Kaushik threatened to harm Apu and even planted a guy to keep and eye on him.

Bulti lashes out at Arjun for support their parents in such plan. Arjun tries to tell Bulti that there might be some misunderstanding. Bulti tells she has misunderstanding that he was her brother and would protect her. Bulti tells Naina and Arjun deserve each other and insults Naina. Naina tells not to insult her but her own parents who made this entire plan. Apu tells Naina there is no need for enemies when he has a sister like her. Thakur Maa and Naina’s aunt insult her and tell she will always do something bad and cry like she is the victim. Chandana tells Naina to leave and it would be better if she doesn’t come to Kajol’s wedding.

Anurag plays drum next day for his own haldi. Sharmila and Anurag’s father tell him to sit down for the rituals. Bulti applies haldi to Anurag and teases him that soon this haldi will be applied to Kajol. Anurag tells her to do so properly so that Kajol is completely colored in his color. Everyone enjoys Anurag’s haldi ceremony. Bulti brings haldi to Kajol’s house and tells Kajol to put her hand in the haldi first. Anandita mocks Arjun that just one day and Kajol would be happily married and they couldn’t do anything.

Arjun asks Naina what is Priyanka planning to do? Naina tells she has no idea but she is sure Priyanka is also looking for a chance. Arjun tells Naina to get ready for Kajol’s wedding as Priyanka might need their help. Bulti tells Anurag has sent a love letter for her and teases her. Anu tells today calls for celebration as it’s Kajol’s haldi and everyone enjoys like old days. The episode ends with Chandana being glad that finally everyone is happy in her house after such long time.

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