Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 3rd March 2022 Written Update: Kajol to get arrested.

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 3rd March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anurag getting ready and calling Sharmila and his father. Anurag is excited and tells Sharmilla to hurry as he doesn’t want his bride to wait. Kajol’s family tells Kajol to get ready. Naina tells not to worry she will make sure Kajol looks like the most beautiful bride. Naina gifts Kajol an expensive gift but Kajol rejects it and tells she will wear the necklace given to her by her father. Naina thinks she is just waiting for Priyanka to do something. Naina tells anyone would have felt sidelined if they were in my place.

Naina tells everyone gave the entire attention to Kajol but.Chandana tells Kajol built her own place by love and warns Naina not to hurt Kajol. Naina asks Chandana is she threatening her? Chandana tells Naina she is warning her. Police comes to Kajol’s house. Shyam and Thakur Maa ask them why are they here? Police asks to meet Kajol. Anurag asks inspector what’s the matter. Police tells they are here to arrest Kajol. Anurag asks on what basis are they going to arrest Kajol? Anurag tells he is sure Priyanka might have called them.

Priyanka’s mother tells she called the police as she couldn’t let the girl who tried to kill her daughter get married happily. Anurag tells Priyanka would have died if Kajol didn’t save her. Police tells them to let them do their duty and arrest her. Kajol tells her mother not to get worried as she didn’t do anything wrong. Chandana tells police how can they arrest her daughter on her wedding. Kajol tells she didn’t do anything wrong so no law can arrest her. Kajol tells Priyanka and her mother are doing this to stop her wedding but she won’t let them succed.

Anurag stands in the front of police and tells them he won’t let them take Kajol. Chandana tries to make Priyanka’s mother understand that she is ruining her daughter’s life. Police tells Kajol to come with them but Anurag stops her as she is about to leave. Anurag looks at the watch and tells he was waiting for this time as it’s evening now and they cannot arrest a girl after 6pm. Priyanka’s mother tells the truth is Kajol couldn’t bear Anurag and Priyanka’s closesness so she tried to kill Priyanka. Anurag tells where was Priyanka’s love when I was lying on bed? Sharmila tells Priyanka didn’t even come to meet Anurag once when he was lying on bed. Sharmila tells Kajol is completely innocent and you will have to arrest all of us if you want to arrest Kajol.

Bulti tells Kajol saved her life and she saved Priyanka’s life too and tells the inspector to support the truth. Priyanka’s mother tells Anurag that whatever Priyanka did was to get her love and everything is fair in love and war and she won’t leave Kajol alive. Priyanka’s mother tries to kill Kajol by pressing her neck. Anurag saves Kajol and tells the police when she could assault like this infront of everyone,think how dangerous she is. The episode ends with Police telling Priyanka’s mother that this is attempt to murder.

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