Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th March 2022 Written Update: Naina asks for Bishu’s press.

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anurag telling police to arrest Priyanka’s mother as he is going to lodge a complaint against her. Kajol tells she doesn’t want to file any complaint against Priyanka or her mother as one of them have to drop their weapons or the fight won’t stop. Kajol tells Priyanka’s mother that love is not bad but become mad like Priyanka is and even supporting her is wrong. Kajol tells Priyanka’s mother to leave quietly or else she won’t stop Anurag next time. Anurag tells she won’t be successful any ways because even if she can proof Kajol a liar police cannot arrest her now and the marriage will take place today. Kajol tells Priyanka’s mother there is no proof against her and they can proof Priyanka’s statement false because she is a liar but if they file a case against her no one can save her.

Police tells to forgive them as now they can see they got wrong information and warns to arrest Priyanka and her mother if she tries to file false complaint again. Anurag and Kajol’s marriage ceremony begins. Anurag and Kajol get married as Maahi Re plays in BM. Panditji tells Kajol and Anurag to take blessings from the elders. Thakur Maa tells finally our princess got her prince. Everyone blesses them to be happy. Kajol tells Bishu finally his words came true and truth won. Arjun tells Naina does she want to clap and eat food now? Naina tells Priyanka couldn’t do anything and Kajol completely turned the table against her and now she would leave her married life happily. Arjun tells he won’t let Kajol leave in peace. Naina tells Kajol she is glad that Kajol finally got what she wanted so now give me what I want. Naina tells Kajol to give the press keys to her as Arjun needs money to start a new business.

Naina tells Kajol does she want to ruin her family. Bulti tells Naina how much is she going to lie? Bulti tells she talked with Shreya and Anandita and there is no scarcity of money at house. Kajol tells Naina that the press is her father’s property not a toy. Kajol tells now Apu will run the press with her help and even Naina is welcome to help but not to break. Thakur Maa tells forgiving Naina everytime is a foolishness. Chandana warns Naina to come to this house only as a daughter or else there is no need for her to come. Chandana tells Naina to do whatever she wants and even file a case but she won’t get anything more from them. Naina leaves angrily from there. Bulti tells Kajol not to get sad for Naina as they want Kajol to leave the house happily. Kajol hugs everyone and gets emotional. The episode ends with everyone being emotional over Kajol’s Bidai.

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