Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Upcoming Story: What will Priyanka do to make Anurag cooperate with her?


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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is the story of a girl’s struggle in her life. The story is about how Kajol,who tries to keep everyone happy finds her happiness. Anurag came into Kajol’s life and wished to give her everything she deserved but Priyanka blackmails Anurag to marry her if he wants to keep Kajol safe. Will Kajol find out Anurag’s sacrifice? Will Priyanka be successful in her plan? Will Anurag find a way out of this blackmail? Will Naina make a position for herself in her in-law’s house?

Naina told her family that Bolti doesn’t love Apu and she has agreed to marrying the NRI guy. Kajol asked Apu is that the truth? Apu told her he believes in his love and Naina is lying. Kajol told Apu she will talk with Bolti and if she loves him too she will help them. Anurag is waiting outside Kajol’s office to look at her. Kajol called Anurag and told him to stop wasting his time and go to hospital. Anurag told Kajol that as breathing is important for living so is she for him. Kajol and Anurag stared at each other and got emotional.

Priyanka got angry when Anurag didn’t turn up for shopping with her. Bolti told Kaushik he can scold her but he cannot force her to marry someone. Shreya told she will convince Bolti and make her ready. Bolti stole the phone of their servant but Naina notices her. Anurag told Priyanka she can force him to marry her but she cannot force him to be happy. Bolti called Apu and is about to talk with him but Kaushik snatched the phone. Kaushik threatened Apy not to call Bolti again or else he will call police. Kajol tried to talk with Kaushik but he insuted them and threatened not to think about Apu and Bolti’s relationship.

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