Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Upcoming Story: Will Anurag be able to work again?


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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is about the story of a simple girl’s struggle in her life to find happiness for herself and her family. Priyanka continues her blackmail of Anurag to marry her. Kajol accepts Priyanka’s challenge to attend her wedding and prove to her that she is willing to detach from Anurag. Apu and Bolti get married with Anurag and Kajol’s help. What will Naina and Anandita do to take revenge from Kajol? Anurag meets an accident and everyone leaves hope of him being able to walk again. Priyanka abandoned Anurag after finding out about his condition. Will Kajol’s faith help Anurag walk again?

Apu told Kajol that Bolti has made breakfast for the first time but she is feeling shy to give it. Kajol ate it and told it is very delicious. Bolti asked Kajol why was she letting Anurag marry Priyanka? Kajol recalled Priyanka trying to commit suicide. Kajol told her that she felt Priyanka needed Anurag more but she had no idea that her sacrifice would take away Anurag’s will to live.

Kajol asked Bolti will she teach her to drive as she doesn’t want to be dependent on a driver and take Anurag anywhere. Anurag thought she won’t let Kajol spend her life like a nurse for him,he always wished to keep her like a queen and he will send her away. Kajol bought flowers for Anurag and Bolti thinks Anurag is so lucky that Kajol loves her.

Kajol asked Anurag would he have left her alone if she met this accident? Kajol told this is her right and no matter how much he scolds her,he won’t be able to send her away. Chandana scolded Naina and told why doesn’t she let them live in peace?

Naina told she will take help of law and send them legal notice. Kajol met the director of Anurag’s hospital and tried to convince him to let Anurag join work again. Kajol told Priyanka she will regret her decision of leaving Anurag when he will be absolutely fine.

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