Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Upcoming Story: Will Anurag fight for his love?


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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is the story of a girl’s struggle in her life. The story is about how Kajol,who tries to keep everyone happy finds her happiness. Anurag came into Kajol’s life and wished to give her everything she deserved but Priyanka blackmails Anurag to marry her if he wants to keep Kajol safe. Will Kajol find out Anurag’s sacrifice? Will Priyanka be successful in her plan? Will Anurag find a way out of this blackmail? Will Naina make a position for herself in her in-law’s house?

Anurag told Sharmila he has accepted that he and Kajol cannot stay together. Sharmilla tried to motivate Anurag to fight for his love.
Anurag told Sharmilla he is trying to save Kajol,he is ready to sacrifice himself but he won’t be able to bear if anything happened to Kajol. Naina told she will arrange money for Arjun’s business and she told she wanted to share a secret with them to show her loyalty towards them. Naina told them she saw Apu with Bolti together. Anandita told she will take care of Bolti.

Priyanka thanked Kajol for sacrificing her love. Bolti told she is scared about their future and asks Apu would he marry her? Apu told he has to take care of his father’s business or how else would he ask her hand in marriage. Priyanka told Kajol she wanted to get her and Anurag’s wedding card printed. Kajol tried calling Priyanka to ask for wedding dates. Anurag picked up the call and asked Kajol how is she calling Priyanka? Kajol congratulated Anurag and told he is doing the right thing and she is happy in his happiness. Kajol told Anurag not to worry she will make such a card that he will be proud of her. Anurag told Kajol he doesn’t know anything about the wedding dates.

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