Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Upcoming Story: Will Kajol meet Anurag again?


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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal is now moving towards an interesting phase raising the interest of audience. Anurag has finally dared to speak out his emotions to Kajol but Kajol is under misunderstanding due to Priyanka’s lie. Kajol mistakes Anurag’s love as pity. Priyanka continues her dirty game further to keep Kajol misinformed. Will Kajol realize about Anurag’s true feelings for her? Will Anurag be able to express his heart out to Kajol? Will Kajol find out about Priyanka’s lies?

Priyanka told Anurag he looks upset,she can take a cab to her home. Anurag told he can drop her. Priyanka told Anurag how much does he know Kajol? If he wanted to help her he could have given her some charity or work not a marriage proposal. Anurag told Kajol doesn’t need any support or charity,the truth is he needs her. Anurag told her he didn’t ask to marry Kajol out of pity but it was out of love,he doesn’t want to support her he wants to become her life partner. Anurag told Priyanka some people remain strangers even after a long time and some people become a part of our life from the first meeting and he feels such a relationship with Kajol.

Kajol got upset looking at Anurag and Priyanka’s engagement card. Thakur Maa sings Kajol to sleep. Anurag stopped his car and kept thinking about Kajol. Kajol is walking home late at night and some goons caught her bur Anurag saved her. Anurag hugged Kajol and tells her she doesn’t need to worry he is there to save her and he won’t leave her alone ever. Anurag is about to kiss Kajol and Kajol wakes up from her dream. Anurag came home and told he has decided to leave India.

Sharmila tried to make Anurag understand that he is taking a decision in hurry. Kajol keeps thinking about Anurag and Anurag decides to stay firm on his decision.