Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Upcoming Story: Will Kaushik harm Apu?

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Colors TV show Thoda Sa is story of a kind hearted girl Kajol who always thinks about others before herself. Anurag a successful doctor falls in love with this nature of Kajol as she resembles his mother a lot. Anurag and Kajol are finally together after facing a lot of difficulties and about to get married. Kaushik fakes a heart attack and calls Bulti back to his house. Kajol finds out about Kaushik’s lie and goes to rescue Bulti with the help of Anurag. Will they be able to rescue Bulti from her house arrest or will Kaushik be able to stop them?

Naina told Apu she has sent Anu to Kajol’s room. Apu told Anu that Kajol went to bring Bulti and Apu told her not to worry and act like everything is fine as Anurag and Kajol will handle everything. Kaushik watched Anurag and Kajol entering his house from balcony and rushed inside. Kaushik scolded Bulti and threatened her to kill Apu if she opens her mouth. Kaushik acted being ill and lied down. Kajol told Bulti not to fear now as they are here. Anandita told why would she be afraid she is with her parents. Anurag told Bulti he has called police and she doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Bulti told the police that she is here by her own wish. Bulti recalled Kaushik threatening to kill Apu and remains silent. Anurag tried to convince Bulti to speak the truth. Bulti told she wants to stay with her father as he is ill. Anurag asked Bulti to show Kaushik’s reports to him. Anurag told the reports are useless and nothing has happened to Kaushik. Arjun scolded Naina for not keeping an eye on Kajol and told her to brings Apu.

Kajol told Bulti that once they leave no one will be able to save her and assured her that Apu is safe. Bulti told Kajol how they took her phone and threatened to kill Apu if she left. Kaushik accepted faking being ill and keeping Bulti forcefully and threatened to kill Apu if she went against his wish.

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