Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Upcoming Story: Will Priyanka accept her defeat?


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Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is about the story of a simple girl’s struggle in her life to find happiness for herself and her family. Priyanka continues her blackmail of Anurag to marry her. Kajol accepts Priyanka’s challenge to attend her wedding and prove to her that she is willing to detach from Anurag. Apu and Bolti get married with Anurag and Kajol’s help.

What will Naina and Anandita do to take revenge from Kajol? Anurag meets an accident and everyone leaves hope of him being able to walk again. Priyanka abandoned Anurag after finding out about his condition. Will Kajol’s faith help Anurag walk again?

Anurag fee the cake to Kajol and everyone clapped. Anurag got down on his knees and asked Kajol to marry him. Anurag told he wants to spend his life with her,he said Kajol’s selflessness and helping nature makes her the most beautiful girl in this world and asks her to give him the chance to marry her. Kajol said yes and Anurag introduced her as his better half to everyone. Maahi Re played in background as Anurag and Kajol stared at each other.

Dida Maa accepted Kajol and told her to keep Anurag happy and her happiness is in his happiness. Naina offered to help Priyanka. Ayan told Anurag he is really very lucky and he finally got all the love he deserves. Sharmila brought all the couples on stage and asks them to dance. Arjun mocked Naina. Naina decided she won’t just take share in her father’s property but also bring darkness in Kajol’s life. Bolti told Apu finally Anurag and Kajol’s love story has a happy ending. Anurag and Kajol danced gracefully as Maahi Re plays in background.

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