Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story 13th November 2020 : Moksh gets to know Malhar is his Dad

Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode starts with Kalyani says you’re my Pillu so you don’t need to become Mukku anymore. Moksh feels happy than she asks shop person to switch on the radio and dances happily and hugs Kalyani. Moksh says I don’t like to wear girls attire and now I can become stylish boy. Kalyani in tears says he is her hero. Moksh says why are you crying? Your Moksh is back to you so I can’t see your tears and I will become your bodyguard, anyways who’s my Dad.

Kalyani says Malhar ji seeing his interview on TV. Moksh thinks why god can’t give me better Dad. Malhar says my brother is killed because of 6 years kid and that kid is linked with one gang so he can become dangerous in future so please help us to catch this kid because we are unable to see his face and Malhar promised to send the murderer to correction home. Kalyani thinks she won’t let it happen because it’s not intentional than she sees Moksh is not with her and gets tensed. Moksh goes and thinks to tell Malhar that he is his son.

Malhar asks his Men to search the kid with Footage. Moksh reaches to station. Malhar asks Pawar to search everywhere. Moksh sees him through window and tries to call him but he can’t listen because he is busy while listening audio tape. Moksh calls him saying you’re my Dad. Kalyani takes him with her before Malhar sees her. Kalyani says you can’t call him Dad. Moksh says he wants to meet his Dad. Kalyani says it’s not the correct time. Moksh says he wish to see him immediately. Kalyani in tears says no and thinks that Malhar may send Moksh to remand room even after knowing he is his son so I can’t let it happen, Kalyani asks Moksh to do one thing before meeting his Dad.

Anupriya says to Aaosaheb that Malhar is broken with Ahir death and he gets killed by some kid, Aaosaheb gets shocked, Anupriya gets worried the Kalyani.

Kalyani and Moksh enters home with window. Moksh asks why they entered home silently. Kalyani says they are playing hide and seek. Moksh gets scared seeing Durgaprasad and Kalyani tells to Moksh that Durgaprasad loves him from childhood that’s why he is coming behind him. Kalyani makes him touch Durgaprasad and Moksh likes Durgaprasad. Moksh asks whether they are playing hide and seek from Malhar. Kalyani says yes because I want to get him surprised saying he got Moksh. Moksh says I didn’t like these games and even we played with that bad uncle. Kalyani asks him to forget the matter and asks Moksh to stay inside the room and goes out.

Anupriya asks where she went and tells Kalyani about Ahir and asks where is Mukku. Moksh says he us here from room than closes his mouth. Anupriya asks this voice. Than Kalyani takes Anupriya with her and about to reveal about Moksh truth but they gets interrupted when Sarthak enters and blames Aaosaheb is the reason for Ahir death and questions why she make Ahir get killed for making her son gets arrested. Kalyani says Aaosaheb is innocent. Aaosaheb says how can he accuse her without any proofs. Malhar enters. Kalyani asks how is he.

Malhar in tears says don’t know what happened to my home, Ahir us dead after realising his mistake and Swara is in hospital. Kalyani feels sad seeing him in tears and thinks that she can’t reveal anything to him. Avni says Ahir promised me to marry me but it happened and she curses the kid. Kalyani says maybe we are thinking wrong and how can that kid can be culprit. Malhar says it’s clear from CCTV Footage , that kid is the culprit and I will send him to correction home. Kalyani gets shocked. Malhar says even if he is my kid I will send him to correction room because everyone is equal Infront of law.

Moksh goes near window and sees his friend chintu and calls him. Kalyani says that kid can’t be culprit. Malhar says maybe you’re right but someone make him do this crime so to caught their team I must catch this kid. Avni keeps Malhar’s hand on her stomach and asks him to promise that he will take revenge for his brother’s death and will send the murderer to jail.