Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story 15th September 2020 : Aaosaheb family is back to their previous Vada

Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode starts with Malhar saves Kalyani. Aaosaheb calls doctor to give best treatment for Kalyani. She informs to Damini that Kalyani is in hospital and asks her to pray for Kalyani speedy recovery. Pallavi tensed thinking she have to go to jail if Kalyani is died. Aaosaheb says what you thought that I didn’t found that you added Nailpolish remover in Anupriya bathing water? Pallavi didn’t answer than Aaosaheb threaten to cut her hand. Pallavi says she thought to harm Anupriya for breaking Godavari alliance and apologies to her. Aaosaheb says i cant apologize you and how can you think yo do it without my knowledge and you have to bear the punishment she asks Godavari give Pallavi credit cards and breaks them. Asosaheb takes jewellery from Pallavi saying you will know your value without money and jewellery and die after bathing with Nailpolish water

Anupriya breaksdown thinking Doctor said next 24 hours is critical and asks her to pray to God. Malhar asks Maayi what doctor said and how’s Kalyani. Anupriya remembers Malhar is threat for Kalyani life and tries to beat him saying whole world know how much you care for Kalyani but I know you want to finish your previous work and she gives him that stick and asks him to kill her leaving Kalyani. Swara throws it and says I can never forgive Malhar for what he did for Kalyani but today he saved Kalyani life so don’t blame him. Anupriya asks Swara to send Malhar from hospital. Malhar about to say something but Swara asks him to leave. Malhar leaves. Swara asks who gave you that water i.e combined with Nailpolihremover and it can caught fire easily.

Anupriya reaches to home asks Pallavi to burn her pouring Nailpaint remover on her. Pallavi tries to deny than Anupriya raises her hand saying I will kill you if something happens to my daughter. Aaosaheb stops her saying Pallavi already got her punishment. Anupriya says I’m bad fated and Kalyani get hurt when that plan is to hurt me and she about to leave for hospital but Aaosaheb asks her to stay away from Kalyani premises and asks her to do like Swamiji said to save Kalyani. Anupriya asks to tell what she have to do. Aaosaheb says we have to shift to our old house and you have to take Ganesh idol to our Vada without wearing slippers and it takes 3+ hours so you can’t do it. Anupriya says she can do it. Vivek calls Aaosaheb and Informs Kalyani condition is not good. Anupriya cries saying she won’t let anything happens to Kalyani.

Malhar in tears write on Kite for Moksh to make him talk with Bappa to make Kalyani health better. He flies the kite but it’s gets strucked near hospital. Pawar comes to him. Malhar asks what happened. Pawar says Kalyani health is critical and asks Malhar to leave saying Bappa will help Kalyani mam and Vivek won’t allow him to see Kalyani. Malhar says I will wait here and no-one can send me from here and he goes to Kalyani ward Nd cries after seeing her burned wounds on her body.

Next day Anupriya takes Ganapathi idol to Vada while praying Ganapathi to save Kalyani even though her feets are hurting because of stones. Malhar waits at lawn. Pawar wakes him up and says Kalyani gains conscious. Malhar says it’s happy news but why you look tensed.

Aaosaheb reaches to Vada and informs to Anupriya that Kalyani got conscious and Anupriya about to enter house but Aaosaheb stops her and takes Ganapathi idol from her and enters the home and places Ganapathi idol in Pooja place. Pallavi about to go but Aaosaheb stops her saying Anupriya will do the Abhishekam. Pallavi gives that water bowl to Anupriya. Godavari shouts saying Kalyani taayi. Anupriya notices Kalyani in bandages and leaves the water bowl.