Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story 18th August 2020 : Malhar denies to reveal her Aayi details to Kalyani

Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode starts with Kalyani gets call from Neha saying it’s the time for her show. Kalyani says she is coming on air in a bit. Malhar says to Durga prasad that it’s good to see Kalyani in good position but one thing is disturbing me is why she didn’t came to meet me if she alive? Hope she won’t forget me.

Kalyani gets ready for FM show and feels emotional seeing Moksh pic and says I know you’re alive because I’m alive and now I’m saying your stories and you will meet me and your new name Simba, I missed you and she start her show and reveals how Simba Used to clear her parents Kallu and Mallu fights.

Anupriya listens this show and thinks why I feel I heard this voice many times and gets tensed. Kalyani gives number and asks viewers to inform their stories. Anupriya runs out to pco with two rupee coin but she misses the coin and listens Kalyani next part story at tea stall.

Malhar reaches to Kalyani place and says it’s you only right who’s saying Moksh stories. Kalyani says wow You get time from your wife to listen radio stories. Malhar asks where you gone for 5yeara. Kalyani says i don’t need to answer you and married man are not allowed here at this time so leave before I call to Commissioner. Malhar gets angry and breaks glass with hand. Kalyani gets worried but asks what are you doing.

Malhar asks sorry mam and than notices Vivek deshmukh name in the file and leaves angrily. Kalyani thinks bappa what are doing, I’m feeling weak to see Malhar with other woman and I’m feeling bad to know he is denoted to SI.

Malhar talks loudly saying Swara what happened? Aayi hand got burnt? How it happened. Kalyani listens to him and follows him and asks About her Aayi. Malhar says I won’t answer you until you answer my questions. Kalyani says fine I don’t need your help to trace my family, anyways how the man who shot me will help.

Anupriya reaches hike and Aaosaheb asks Godavari to prepare properly to learn how to punish murderer because that’s why she make her lawyer. Anupriya thinks why I’m worried listening that voice. Aaosaheb asks Anupriya where you went? I didnt notice you that’s why I’m going to clean plates in kitchen. Anupriya says she will clean it. Aaosaheb intelligently makes her have the left over food and smirks.

Aaosaheb asks Godavari to not forget how they make Anupriya to write her exams to fulfill my wish to see you as lawyer. Aaosaheb reminsces how she manipulate Anupriya. Aaosaheb says people are saying you’re bad luck that’s why Atul and Kalyani gone and now Sarthak can’t stay with her but i won’t believe people talks and she asks her to study lawyer so Godavari can become lawyer so they can clear her badluck image and makes her agree for her condition.

Aaosaheb says I trust you Godavari and now you have to make Malhar get punishment for Nal and your Grand father death .

Next day Kalyani reaches to her office and asks their informer to get the info of Anupriya, Ahalya, Vikek and Swara. Gun man asks why you reached so early. Kalyani says if you can work from early hours than why can’t I. Gun man smiles and shows Her cabin. Kalyani goes to check Malhar things in office to get the clues of new place. Kalyani gets the letter of Malhar from Ahalya nivas and she gets shocked after reading letter.

Kalyani asks her informer to inform her immediately once they get the info and she thinks she will get her family in this city. Kalyani gets Vinod call and she asks Malhar to send inside her office. Malhar goes to her room and salutes her. Kalyani asks him to reach office at 8am. Malhar says he can’t because of personal reason.

Kalyani says I’m sure you want to spend time with your wife but it’s new things to know you’re giving more importance to family than work. Kalyani throws letter at him and asks what you want? You know about my attachment with that house still you’re selling it. Malhar gets shocked and notices the letter of sale for Ahilya nivas.