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Episode starts with Kalyani asks Sarthak to help them to clear the misunderstanding of both families. Sarthak says I wish but I’m taking Anupriya ji to hospital for her treatment. Malhar and Kalyani asks Sarthak to take care of Anupriya. Kalyani asks Malhar did you get any idea. Power goes off before he replies to her.

Trilok thinks cutting electricity supply is just beginning Malhar, I won’t stop my plans until I seperate you and Kalyani, I’m close to Divya and it’s correct time to take revenge on you, in few hours you will go far from Kalyani. Trilok tries to call Kalyani but can’t teach her.

Kalyani searches for network. Malhar places sim card and asks her to use it. Kalyani says are you really Malhar who’s helping me after knowing my network is off. Malhar thinks I have to keep you away from Trilok so new phone number needed and I feel pendrive and Electricity cut is plan of Trilok and he asks her to don’t come outside because some pest controlling is happening.

Sarthak asks Anupriya to get ready. Anupriya asks why than he I forms her about renowned  doctor in nasik where he got appointment for her treatment. Anupriya says ok and thinks about Sarthak intentions.

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Vikram says to Pallavi that he lost money in Share market and Aaosaheb will kill him if she knows about it and don’t know why suddenly she wanted 3lakhs by evening. Pallavi says Sharad mom gave expensive necklace to Priya  and now marriage is cancelled. Vikram asks her to tell directly. She informs him some plan.

Kalyani asks Sharad and Priya to relax and assures them that both will get married. Sharad says I got some blackmail letter,if we didn’t leave our Ancestral necklace outside room number 432 within hour they would show photos of our live jn relationship to the family members. Priya says this marriage won’t happen if everyone knows about it. Kalyani says is that necklace with you. Sharad says yes. Kalyani gets some plan.

Malhar gets info from Pawar that Trilok hatched the plan with local goons. Malhar thinks Today Trilok will reveal his truth by himself. Kalyani caughts Pallavi with necklace bad and gets shocked seeing her.

Malhar reaches to Trilo room as his man and asks Trilok to reveal to his plan once for clarity. Malhar thinks to record his plan but Trilok slaps him saying you’re really thinking I won’t recognise you Malhar. He tries to deny but Trilok escapes from room.

Madhav says to Anjali that Priya family is behind their money. Sarthak says Priya fudnt left me even I didn’t have any job and she is the one who saved our Ancestral necklace too. Anjali agrees fir marriage.

Pallavi asks Vikram to inform Aaosaheb like Kalyani said otherwise they will get caught. Vikram informs to Aaosaheb that Sharad is innocent. Aaosaheb says I will apologize to them for our mistake and this marriage will happen. Kalyani smiles thinking problem is solved.

Kalyani informs to Malhar that problem is cleared. Malhar says I know you can do it. Kalyani asks him to trust kn Pillu matter. Malhar says j won’t let Trilok near you and Moksh. Kalyani says our routes will be different in ever reach to Aurangabad.

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