Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story : Sarthak saves Mukku from car Dickey

Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode starts with Avni thinks to found why Kalyani is always talking in support of Crane kid. Kalyani comes to Avni room and twists her hand and Pinches her badly while scolding why she behaved in this way with her child. Mukku enjoys it. Avni shouts badly. Sarthak comes in her support and stops Kalyani and asks whats happening. Kalyani shows the Marks on Mukku body and tells Sarthak how Avni tortured Mukku. Avni says Mukku us lying. Sarthak asks how these marks came on her body. Avni takes him to from and shows Golis under bed and tells him that Mukku is playing with these Golis when I went out and I asked her to study than she attacked me with these Golis. Mukku says Bappa will punish you if you lie. Avni says she can’t hurt children. Kalyani and Mukku days Avni is lying.

Sarthak asks if these marble stones belong to her. Mukku sats yes. Avni says Mukku is behaving wrongly with me and this is all is impact of Kalyani that’s why Mukku is saying lies. Kalyani says my Daughter is not lier, I know her nature because I’m her Mom. Everyone gets shocked. Sarthak asks when you become Mom to my daughter. Kalyani says I didn’t mean it. Avni says you’re trying to snatch Sarthak daughter, why can’t you search for your Moksh. Mukku says she is searching for him daily. Sarthak stop them saying he will teach Mukku from nowonwards and asks everyone to leave from room except Mukku.

Kalyani says what class uncle is taking from one hour? Mukku might feel irritated. Anupriya says Sarthak thinks Mukku is his daughter that’s why he loves her more. Kalyani sats we are playing with many people emotions, how will Uncle feels when he knows the truth. Anupriya says I’m scared while thinking about it but that time we don’t have any option to save Moksh that’s why I make him Mukku again.

Sarthak asks Mukku to don’t forget today lesson and asks her to practice it and opens the door and sees Anupriya is waiting for them and he asks her to give the food to Mukku. Mukku asks Anupriya to finish the Krishna stories telling she too have 2moms like Krishna. Sarthak angrily leaves. Mukku asks where is Aifi than Anupriya sats she went out for work.