Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Kalyani informs Aayi that she will reach to home safely ask her to won’t take any tension. Receptionist informs that vehicle is ready for her. Kalyani request Receptionist to send someone to help her to carry luggage. Receptionist says ok.

Malhar reaches to Kalyani room and asks her to travel with him in his vehicle. Kalyani denies saying their routes are different so it’s beyter if we travel in different vehicles. Malhar tries to take her suitcase but Kalyani stops him, dresses from suitcase fell down and Malhar helps her to arrange her suitcase. Kalyani says I wish to handle my life in this way. Malhar says I care for you and Moksh but I don’t want Trilo type of bad person near you. Kalyani says you won’t understand, to save Pillu I have to trust Trilok. Malhar says Trilok is not good. Kalyani says you doubt everyone, if he is not good than why he is ready to help Pillu. Malhar stops her placing mask and says maybe our ways are different but our destination is same ie Moksh. Malhar takes Kalyani to his jeep. Kalyani turns the steering and vehicle gets halted and clutch wire got broken. Malhar says it’s because of your childishness. Kalyani says she will go as Suhana care taker to Trilok house for saving Moksh. Malhar says you won’t listen to me right.

Malhar asks someone about garage. That guy says no garage near place but they have to tavel some distance, and informs him about hotel in that area. Because of cyclone Malhar and Kalyani reaches to hotel books room for them.

Anupriya asks Pallavi to tell if she had any issues with Sarthak. Pallavi says why you’re asking your personal matter, did you take your tablets. Anupriya gets angry and leaves.

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Malhar tries to explain Trilok is not good to Kalyani but she sang songs and avoids Malhar advice. Malhar closes her mouth and asks her to not come out of room but dhe continuously blabber songs.

Sarthak says on phone that medicine is working but how to make it work completely. Anupriya listens his words and worries thinking whats Sarthak doing with her.

Kalyani shouts from bathroom, Malhar hurriedly reaches while his shirt gets torned. Kalyani informs him that shower is not stopping. Both fights to stop shower but tap gets broken. Kalyani says it’s your childishness. Malhar angrily holds her face saying it’s your childishness and both share intimate moments under shower. Malhar suddenly leaves from washroom seeing Trilok with his daughter outside the hotel. Kalyani thinks what happened to Malhar.

Malhar questions Trilok that why he is following them and why he want to enter their space. Trilok says I didn’t enter your space, Trilok says Suhana is restless after seeing Kalyani nd she wants to meet her that’s why I bring her to hotel after seeing your vehicle. Kalyani assures Suhana that she will come to thrir home. Trilok leaves with Suhana. Pawar I forms Malhar that vehicle is ready. Kalyani says can we keave. Malhar thinkd how to Prove Trilok is not good than he notices Suhana doll and asks Pawar to get tracking device immediately.