Udaariyaan 10th June 2022 Written Update: Fateh gets speechless when Tejo phones him


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The episode starts with Jasmine stopping Fateh from telling the truth to the family and saying that they have decided to get married soon without taking priest’s opinion. So they decided to marry after seven days. Rupy feels that Fateh isn’t happy with this marriage decision. Jasmine apologizes for their decision and says that she feels this is right for her child. Kushbeer asks if Tejo knows it. Jasmine doesn’t let Fateh answer and says that they’re getting late for doctor’s appointment. She leaves taking him. Kushbeer asks Rupy if anything happened between Fateh and Tejo.

Fateh asks Jasmine why she didn’t let him tell the truth to the family. Jasmine argues with Fateh. She says that they both had decided to bring Tanya as Tejo here, so he can’t decide alone to tell the truth. She says that she has gone through lot and asks him to give her time to come out of it if he really wants to support her. Fateh agrees and calms her down. Fateh thinks that he is doing all this as a duty towards Amrik, but he will always belong to Tejo only.

Tanya is shocked on seeing Tejo. She remembers Fateh’s words about Tejo. She wonders whether she’s really Tejo or someone else. She wonders how to get to know her story. Tanya questions a worker about Tejo. The worker says that she found her few months before in the river with burning injuries. She further says that they call her Heer as she doesn’t remember anything except Fateh and keeps telling his name day and night and says that Fateh will come and take her. Tanya concludes that she’s Tejo. She says that Tejo only remembers Fateh and this is true love. She decides to tell Fateh about Tejo being alive. Caretaker calms down Tejo saying that she will make her speak to Fateh on call.

Fateh drops Jasmine at her house and says her to go in and rest. Tanya phones Fateh, but she recalls the inspector saying that Tejo doubted that Jasmine and Fateh tried to kill her. She disconnected the call without telling anything. She says that she doesn’t know anything about Fateh, Tejo and Jasmine’s past then how she can tell Fateh the truth. The worker says that Tejo loves Fateh lot and says that she doesn’t know if someone intentionally tried to burn her. she hopes that Tejo will get Fateh. Tanya thinks that Tejo will definitely get Fateh.

Caretaker says to Kamal to dial to any Fateh’s number from telephone directory. Kamal dials Fateh’s number. Fateh receives it and says hello. Tejo gets restless on hearing his voice. Fateh gets irritated that no one is speaking and asks who is. Tejo drops the phone. Fateh starts feeling restless and wonders why he is getting such feeling. Mahi comes to Fateh and asks what happened. Fateh receives again the call, but Mahi answers it. Kamal asks if she knows any Heer. Mayi says that she doesn’t know. Tejo asks if Fateh is coming to take her. Kamal says that he isn’t her Fateh, but Tejo is certain that he is her Fateh and asks how she can’t recognize his voice. Kamal asks how she can remember his voice when he doesn’t remember his face. Tejo says that she doesn’t know and asks to call again Fateh. Kamal calms her down saying that she will call him the next day.

Tanya is currently confused whether to inform Jasmine or Fateh about Tejo and worries that it can put Tejo’s live at risk. She wonders what to do. Other side Gurpreet is removing Tejo things from Fateh’s room so that Fateh forgets Tejo soon. She says that she dreamed of Fateh and Tejo marriage. Fateh says that he doesn’t have problem to replacw Tejo’s things with Amrik’s baby so that he can remember his responsibility. Gurpreet says that the next day is Fateh and Jasmine’s engagement, Fateh doesn’t oppose it. Tejo imagines of marrying Fateh and spends time with him. Meanwhile Fateh says that Tejo’s things can be removed from his room, but her memories can’t be removed from his heart, only death can do it.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tanya promises Tejo that Fateh will meet her. Jasmine warns Tanya to not create any problem in her marriage. Tanya asks what if Tejo returns shocking Jasmine.

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