Udaariyaan 10th March 2022 Written Update: Fateh gets restless on seeing Tejo going with Angad


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The episode starts with Tejo asking Angad to follow the guy in the bike. Fateh sees Tejo and Angad driving off and gets jealous. He feels bad remembering Angad’s words and Tejo and Angad’s moments. Satti comes to Fateh and greets him. She asks if Jasmine is fine. Fateh says that he has just came and asks her to go in. Fateh wonders why Tejo has gone with Angad.

In the car Angad asks Tejo who that guy is. Tejo says that she doesn’t know, but she saw him going out of ICU and Jasmine’s health deterioted after that. She says that he may want to harm Jasmine. In the hospital Jasmine recalls Dara’s threat and gets scared. Satti comes to Jasmine and gets worried seeing her breathing heavily. She calls out doctor.

Tejo says to Angad that they have to catch him at any cost. She wants to know who he is and what he wants. Dara stops in the traffic signal. Tejo gets out of the car to catch him despite Angad trying to stop her. But the signal light turns green and Dara drives off. Tejo gets in the car again and they follow him. Other hand Fateh tries to call Tejo, but gets nervous that she’s not answering it. Jasmine asks Satti to call Tejo and ask where she’s. Just then doctor comes to check Jasmine.

Fateh and Angad see Dara stopping near a house and goes inside. Tejo remembers that this is Dara’s wife’s house that she has visited with Fateh the other day. In the hospital doctor says that Jasmine is fine and they can discharge her the next day. Jasmine thinks that Dara won’t be able to come to meet in the house. Jasmine urges Satti to call Tejo. Fateh says that Tejo has come to meet Jasmine then why she left with Angad and thinks something is fishy. Tejo thinks of informing Fateh. She realises that her phone is missing. Angad goes inside the house and falls in Dara’s trap. Dara holds Tejo and places a knife in Tejo’s neck. He asks why they’re following him. Tejo says that she saw him in the hospital enquiring about Jasmine in the reception. Jasmine is her sister and wants to know who he is and how he knows Jasmine. Fateh asks Jasmine if she’s behind sending Tejo with Angad. Jasmine gets relieved that Tejo hasn’t gone after Dara. Jasmine says that she doesn’t know. Fateh gets furious and says that Jasmine’s situation is the result of the karma. Tejo and Angad overpower Dara and tie him up. They question him about Jasmine. Dara says to ask Jasmine all the questions. She has to give him money. He reveals that Jasmine made death certificate of an alived man. Jasmine reminds Fateh his misdeeds. Fateh apologizes to her. Dara says that Jasmine did a fake accident and asked him to act as he died. Tejo says that it means no one died in that accident. Dara confirms it.

Jasmine says that she has light flashes that Tejo saved her. Fateh says that she loves Jasmine, so she saved her despite Jasmine hurting her. Other hand Dara says that Jasmine gave him money to fake death. Tejo gets happy that Amrik is innocent. She scolds Dara for spoiling an innocent life for money. Dara says that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Angad says that he should get imprisoned for what he did. Dara says that Jasmine will also get imprisoned as he has proof against Jasmine. Angad says that they will get her imprisoned too.

Amrik is making Jasmine’s hair and taking care of her. Jasmine cries remembering how she tortured Amrik. Tejo says to Angad that she can’t get Jasmine imprisoned since Jasmine is her sister and asks Angad to let her handle this matter, but Angad refuses to accept it. Tejo says that maybe Jasmine is having a change of heart and if she gets exposed now, she can turn negative again too. Angad says that she can stop him, but she won’t be able to stop Fateh. Tejo wonders whether to tell Fateh about it or not.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tejo says to Jasmine that she wants to talk to her about something. Jasmine wonders whether Tejo go to know the truth. Fateh eqnuires in the hospital reception if Tejo and Jasmine and gets worried knowing that they’re not in the hospital and doubts if Jasmine has done something with Tejo.

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