Udaariyaan 10th March 2023 Written Update: Advait gets arrested for his crimes


The episode starts with Ekam lights up Holi ka dhahan and wishes his and Nehmat’s distance fade away. Nehmat wonders why she becomes restless then excuses herself and goes to search for her. Advait waits for Harleen to get burn alive. He then receives a call from Shamsher and informs him what he has done to Harleen. Shamsher asks him to stop it before everything goes out of control. Nehmat finds Harleen’s phone. Ekam, Rupy and Harmaan lights up the woods. Advait smiles then wishes Shamsher him good luck then says the next day there will be a news about Harleen’s death.

Nehmat finds Harleen’s footwear. Shamsher warns Advait and asks him to return home. Advait leaves the place. Ekam decides to check where Harleen is after he notices Nehmat is tensed. Nehmat prays God to give her a sign to find Harleen. She then notices the print of being someone is dragged which leads to Holi ka Dhahan. Nehmat gets shocked and rushes there. She tries to save Harleen from there. Ekam and Rupy also joins Nehmat. Finally their efforts pay off and they take Harleen with them and tries to wake her up.

Shamsher threatens Advait about Jasmine who will definitely suspect the latter is the sole reason behind all this and she won’t spare him at all. Advait blames both Harleen and Nehmat for his decision. Other side the Sandhu’s tries to wake her up. When they sees Harleen isn’t responding Ekam suggests to take her to hospital. Harleen grabs Nehmat’s hand. Nehmat tells the same to her family. Harleen gains her consciousness. Ekam and Nehmat questions her who is behind her this state. Harleen recalls having an argument with Advait then takes Advait’s name. Nehmat gets shocked while Ekam gets furious. Ekam and his team comes to the Kapoor’s mansion. Ekam beats up Advait while his subordinates prevents the Kapoor’s from stopping Ekam. Shamsher threatens Ekam.

Ekam takes Advait to the police station. Advait mocks at him also threatens him to destroy his career for arresting him. Harleen and Nehmat arrives there. Advait gets shocked seeing Harleen. Nehmat recalls Advait’s attempts to kill her. She goes and slaps him repeatedly by stating his each crimes. Harleen also joins Nehmat and slaps Advait. Advait loses his calm and attempts to strangle both Nehmat and Harleen but Ekam pushes him away from them. He then orders his subordinate to file an attempt to murder case against Advait. The entire police department applauds for Nehmat and Harleen.

Naaz calls Jasmine and asks her to stop Harleen from destroying her marriage life. Jasmine tells Naaz that she haven’t talked to Harleen anything so asks Naaz what happened and why she is talking like this. Naaz hides Advait’s attempts to kill Harleen from Jasmine but says because of Harleen’s false allegations against Advait the latter gets arrested. She wants her help to release Advait or else she will face her in law’s wrath.

Jasmine tells Naaz that she knows Harleen made a mistake by revealing her marriage truth to the media but she don’t think she will put any false allegations on Advait and asks Naaz to give her some time as she wants to talk to Harleen first. Shamsher threatens Jasmine. Jasmine makes a promise to Shamsher that Harleen will withdraw her complaint against Advair.

In Sandhu’s house, Nehmat and Harleen showers their love and care for one another. Rupy recalls Teji and Jasmine’s bond which is similar to them and gets emotional. He then praises both Nehmat and Harleen. Renuka advices Ekam to stay away from the Sandhu’s also says his superior will withdraw his suspension. Ekam expresses his love for Nehmat to Renuka and says he got another chance to get back his love which he won’t going to let it go. He further tells his happiness relies on being with Nehmat. Harleen gets determined to unite Ekam and Nehmat.

Precap: Jasmine is going somewhere. Shamsher holds a gun in his hand and tells Jasmine that she failed to fulfill the promise so she has to face the consequences. Meanwhile Shargun joins the Holi celebration and dances with both Nehmat and Harleen.