Udaariyaan 11th August 2022 Written Update: Aman plans to kidnap Candy


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The episode starts with Jasmine saying that she changed a doctor. Gurpreet asks why she changed their family doctor. Jasmine says that this doctor is from US and gives best treatment. She apologizes to Gurpreet for not informing her before. She asks Gurpreet if she got angry. Gurpreet denies and it’s fine, she will accompany her to her next appointment.

Tejo confronts Jasmine. Tejo asks Jasmine why she keeps her room door shut nowadays. Jasmine says that she needs privacy. Tejo asks why she needs privacy all of a sudden. She asks Jasmine why she’s acting weird all of a sudden. Jasmine denies this. Tejo says that there’s something wrong so she tries to avoid her. She asks what game she is playing. Tejo states that she lied about the timing and asks what’s running in her mind. Tejo says that she forgave her everytime, but everytime she took advantage of her love. She says that she doesn’t have trust her and says that she can’t change overnight.

Jasmine acts and says that even if she’s trying to change, Tejo doesn’t let her change. Tejo says that she still can’t be able to forget of seeing Jasmine outside the room where the fire accident happened with her. Yet she convinced herself that Jasmine isn’t responsible for her accident and accepted that she helped to catch her culprit when all said. She wanted to take care of her wholeheartedly when she learned that she’s pregnant, but her behavior proved that she didn’t change at all. Jasmine says that Tejo changed after the incidents happened with her. She says that Tejo isn’t completely recovered and still forgets certain things. She says to ask the remaining family members to confirm this. Tejo stops Jasmine and says that family is already worried because of Aman and she doesn’t want to create any more drama in front of Candy.

Jasmine asks Tejo to stay away from her in that case. She says that she already hospitalized two times because of Tejo which she doesn’t remember as it happened in the last nine months. Jasmine accuses Tejo of being jealous of her as she can’t become a mother. Tejo denies this. Jasmine acts and cries asking why she brought her back home, why she didn’t let her abort her child. She requests Tejo to stay away from her. Tejo walks away crying. Jasmine hopes that Tejo will believe whatever she told her.

Tejo is walking recalling Jasmine’s words. Candy comes to Tejo and asks where she placed his ball. Tejo says that she didn’t place it. Candy says that she forgot it. Tejo says that it will be in his room. Candy says that it’s not there, she might have placed it somewhere else and forgot it. Tejo wonders if she’s really forgetting small things.

Aman asks his friend to put some bags in the car and says that today is a very special day. He says to himself that hereafter even his name will scare the Virks. Other hand Nimmo visits the Virks. Fateh signs them all to not tell about Aman to Nimmo. Nimmo asks about Jasmine. The latter comes and tells how difficult the pregnancy is for her. Tejo wonders why she isn’t able to believe Jasmine and feel something is fishy. Just then Candy comes there and requests to go to his best friend’s birthday party. Simran says that they’re not going. Candy gets adamant. Family tries to convince Candy. Nimmo asks Simran why Candy shouldn’t go in Candy’s friend’s party. Tejo says that Candy will go and asks him to get ready. Nimmo asks Gurpreet why Simran looks scared. Aman tells his lawyer over phone that he will prove today that Simran isn’t not capable to get Candy’s custody.

Simran is scared to send Candy to his friend’s birthday party as she thinks that Aman can also arrive there. Fateh and Tejo assure that they’re also going along with Candy, so even Aman comes there, he can’t reach Candy. Later at Simran, Buzzo and Candy arrive at Candy’s friend’s birthday. They meet the birthday boy and wish him on his birthday. Tejo and Fateh are standing outside the party venue to prevent Aman from entering in.

Aman and his friend reach the party venue in the disguise of clowns. They go inside the party venue. Fateh and Tejo fail to recognize them. Inside Aman pretends to be a magician and dances with the kids. Aman thinks that he will kidnap Candy in front of his parents and uncle-aunt. Outside Tejo wonders why she feels anxious despite of everything being fine.

The episode ends.

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