Udaariyaan 11th March 2023 Written Update: Jasmine worries about Harleen’s safety


The episode starts with Harmaan says everything is going to be fine hereafter. Naaz arrives there with her luggage. She taunts the Sandhu’s for celebrating her in law’s victory and asks Nehmat to stay away from her. She then says that her in law’s thrown her out. She then asks how could they celebrate her marriage life is getting ruined. Naaz then blames Nehmat for everything. Nehmat pleads Naaz to trust them that Advait tried to kill her.

Rupy tells Naaz how last minute Nehmat saved Harleen. Nehmat asks Naaz why she is trusting and supporting Advait over them. Naaz tells she isn’t supporting Advait but her in law’s because they are Nikhil’s parent’s. Both Nikhil and she is in love and she wants to be with him and his family. Nehmat says to Naaz that Nikhil will surely find a way to take her back home as he loves her so much so asks her to wait for few days. Naaz warns Nehmat to stay away from her life also accuses her for framing Advait so that she can get back to Ekam. Nehmat gets shocked and hurt.

Naaz pressurizes Harleen to withdraw her case against Advait. Harleen becomes helpless and calls Rupy. Rupy tries to calm down Naaz and expresses his worry for her safety in Kapoor’s mansion. Meanwhile Nikhil questions Rama for sending Naaz to the Sandhu’s also stopped him from going with her. They both then hears Shamsher shouting at their advocate to do something to bail Advait immediately. Rama blames both Nehmat and Naaz for their current state then leaves.

Naaz says to Rupy that she wants to go to her family so pleads him to make Harleen withdraw her case against Advait. Rupy firmly refuses also tells that Naaz will stay with them only which shocks Naaz. Swaroop also supports Rupy’s decision saying her life is more important to them. Nehmat and family members asks Naaz to stay with them saying Nikhil will find a way to take her back home. Naaz decides not to spare any of them then goes inside angrily.

Harleen reminds Rupy about their next day plan to bring Nehmat and Ekam closer. Rupy praises Harleen for sacrificing her love and happiness. He then worries that Renuka may not accept Nehmat. Harleen tells him that she will convince Renuka. Now they have to focus on convincing Nehmat. Rupy agrees. Harleen thinks that she is doing all this for Ekam’s happiness. Other side Shamsher meets Advait and informs him about his demand to Jasmine also assures to bail him out soon.

The next day Nehmat and Harleen dances to a song where the Holi celebration is taking place. They both then troubles their family members which lead their family members to chase them. Nehmat bumps into Ekam. Ekam saves her from falling down. He then says to Nehmat that he will wait for her to apply colour on him then goes to greet the Sandhu’s. Nehmat thinks herself that she don’t have the rights to apply colour on him anymore.

Jasmine gets worried because Harleen isn’t answering her calls. She thinks herself that Advait must have done something to Harleen that’s the reason the latter filed a case on him and decides to find out what it was also decides to save Harleen from Shamsher at any cost. Shargun and her team joins the Sandhu’s Holi celebration. They promotes their upcoming film. Shargun Nehmat and Harleen dances to a song. Harleen makes Ekam and Nehmat dance together with the help of Shargun. Shargun and her team then leaves. Shamsher calls Jasmine and reminds her Harleen didn’t withdrawn her complaint yet like she promised. He threatens Jasmine.

Jasmine warns him not to threaten her and then threatens him back. Shamsher says even she was a part of Tejo and Fateh’s murder so asks her to stop threatening him with this then adds that if Harleen won’t take back her complaint then she has to face the consequences then disconnects the call. Jasmine gets determined to reach Harleen to save her at any cost. Shamsher arrives at the Holi celebration venue and applies colour on his face. He tells Harleen Ekam and Nehmat are the reason behind Advait is behind the bar’s so he will punish the three of them for sure.

Precap: Ekam and Nehmat dances with one another in their intoxicated state. Harleen locks both Nehmat and Ekam. Ekam demands Nehmat to confess her true feelings for him. Nehmat becomes speechless. Shamsher meets Harleen and demands her to go with him to withdraw the case against Advait. Harleen looks on shocked.