Udaariyaan 11th May 2021 Written Update: Khushbeer apologises to Fateh


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The episode starts with Fateh gets a call from Gurpreet and decides not to pick up otherwise she will get to know about his condition and worries. Gurpreet thinks that Fateh must have asleep and sent him a message. Fateh saw the message and says Love you too mummy. Fayeh tries take the bottle from the shelf but loses his balance but Jasmine catches him. Fateh asks Jasmine how she is here. Jasmine scolds him and says that he discharged today only just because he is a body builder doesn’t mean that he need to show his heroism. Fateh laughs Jasmine asks him not to laugh. Jasmine says that she knows how to do dressing as she studied home science in her school days and dresses up his wound.

Fateh asks Jasmine to leave because this isn’t a city and says even the house is too small for her to sleep. Jasmine says that she is here to take care of Fateh not to sleep. Fateh asks her to sleep beside him and jokes not to take advantage of him seeing him in this state. Khushbeer sees everything from a far. Fateh wakes up and looks at Jasmine who is asleep on his bed and smiles. Fateh hears the knocking sound and wonders who is here at this time and opens the door to find Tejo. Tejo asks Fateh why he is opening the door and sees Jasmine is sleeping and jokes about his future. Tejo then says that they need to go before everyone notices their absence in the house and wakes up. Jasmine wakes up and asks Fateh is she took care of him properly or not. Fateh says yes.

Rupi thinks about Jasmine’s words and says don’t know why Jasmine is decides to say no to Varun’s alliance as he is belongs to Canada which is her dream. Rupi knocks the door and opens Tejo and Jasmine’s room and finds no one there and wonders where they are. Tejo and Jasmine reaches the house. Jasmine worries about Fateh. Tejo says this isnt the time to think about Fateh if they dont go inside they may land in big trouble. Rupi sees Tejo and Jasmine and asks them where they went. Fateh wakes up hearing a knock sound and says it must be Jasmine and opens the door to find Khushbeer there. Satti asks her daughters to answer to their father’s question.

Jasmine lies saying that they went for their walk. Abhiraj questions in a scooty? Jasmine says they used the scooty to go to the park. Dilraj says to everyone that he have seen that Jasmine is not there at 1AM. Everyone gets shocked. Abhiraj asks Tejo is she aware that Jasmine isn’t in the house. Jasmine shakes her head as no. Tejo says yes. Avhiraj asks where she went. Rupi also asks the same. Tejo says that Jasmine went to take care of Fateh. Satti says how their family members let her stay at night. Rupi asks them to answer. Jasmine says there is no one to take care of him that’s why she went to help him.

Khushbeer folds his hand infront of Fateh. Fateh says to Khushbeer that elders should put their hands on kids head to Bless not to apologise. Khushbeer says to Fateh but when elders does something wrong then they needs to apologise to their kids too. Then Khushbeer says to Fateh that Fateh’s love won his stubbornness and asks him to come to the house. Fateh and Khushbeer hugs eachother.

Tejo says to everyone that Fateh loves Jasmine so much and explains how she find out and he decides to go to Canada just because its Jasmines dream and how he fought with his father when they had a disagreement over about this Canada matter and left the house. Everyone gets shocked hearing whatever Tejo said. Rupi says to Tejo still whatever Fateh did is not right. Rupi then asks Tejo even after she knows all about this why she didn’t said this to anyone. Tejo thinks that there are very few people like Fateh who truly loves someone then how could we say this to everyone.

The episode ends.

Precap: Jasmine says to Tejo that Khushbeers problem is with her Only na then she will talk to him and leaves. Khushbeer says to Gurpreet get ready to bring her daughter in law to the house. Fateh enters the house, everyone gets happy and Gurpreet hugs him. Fateh asks Jasmines hand for marriage to Rupi. Rupi says to Fateh for marriage proposal elders needs to come and says that he don’t want to give his daughter to Fateh. Tejo gets shocked. Khushbeer says to his father that he may agreed to the marriage but he will never accept Jasmine as his daughter in law in his heart.

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