Udaariyaan 11th September 2021 Written Update: Beeji requests Tejo to not leave the house.

Udaariyaan 11th September 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kushbeer stopping Fateh and Jasmine from entering the house. Fateh says that Jasmine’s condition is not well and promises to leave once she gets better. Gurpreet asks him to let him enter as he can’t go anywhere in this condition. Kushbeer says that the house belongs only to Tejjo and refuses to let them enter. Gurpreet threatens to leave the house if he doesn’t let them enter. Kushbeer asks her to leave if she wants. Beeji asks what’s he saying when suddenly she falls unconscious getting emotional. Dadaji asks Fateh to get in with Jasmine. Tejo’s father is thinking about Kushbeer’s words when Tejjo comes there. She asks what’s he thinking when he says that he really considers her his daughter and he could see it in his eyes. He asks her to not compromise anymore and fight for her rights.

Doctor checks Beeji and says that her blood pressure rose up and she suffered minor stroke. She advised them to take a proper care of her. Beeji keeps murmuring Tejo’s name. Kushbeer asks how can he ask for Tejo to come there when both the people who hurt her are here. Everyone leaves upset. Fateh is standing on door when Kushbeer closes the door on his face. Fateh goes to his room where Jasmine is sleeping. His aunt comes there and asks if he has become so shameless to sleep in the same room with his sister in law. Fateh says he just came to check on her and then will go back to guest room. She asks him to go and he leaves angrily.

Tejo’s brother tries cheering her up with his jokes. Mahi calls her and she tries avoiding her call but Mahi asks him to put it on speaker. She informs Tejo about whatever happened and Beeji asking for her. Tejo gets worried. Next day, Fateh gave medicine to Jasmine who asks if everyone are still angry with them. He asks her to not worry about it and rest. Fateh says he will go and check on Beeji. Jasmine thinks that now everyone will blame her for this too. She says Fateh that she will meet Beeji but Fateh stops her. However Jasmine stays adamant. They both tries convincing Beeji but she didn’t listen to them and refuses tok take the food. Mahi prats to God to bring back Tejo and send away Jasmine. Everyone joins her. Tejo enters the house and straight away goes to Beeji.

Tejo feeds Beeji and she eats it. Jasmine fumes seeing it. Beeji pleads Tejo to stay there forever and Jasmine’s anger increases. Tejo says she will come and go but she asks promise to stay there. Tejo doesn’t know what to answer when Fateh pulls Jasmine seeing her angry and leaves with her. Mahi notices Tejo and everyone rushes there. Kushbeer also pleads Tejo to stay. Tejo asks under what rights can she stay there as there’s no reason. Kushbeer says that she needs to stay as his daughter. Jasmine on the other hand is fuming that Tejo may stay there and badmouths Tejo. She says she already snatched her home and what if she stays there too. Fateh says nothing like that will happen but Jasmine is not convinced.

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