Udaariyaan 12th June 2021 Written Update: Fateh tries to make Jasmine jealous by praising Tejo


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The episode starts with Fateh eats pakoras and praises Gurpreet saying that she made the world’s best pakoras. Babu ji and Tejo watches it from far then goes to Fateh. Babu hi asks Fateh about the pakoras, Fateh praises then asks Babu ji to have also. Tejo gets happy. Babu hi tells Fateh he have only rights to these pakoras because it’s made by Tejo. Fateh stops eating then tells that the pakoras are not that good then leaves the place.

Tejo goes behind Fateh and asks him why he is acting like this. Tejo tells Fateh that she already apologises to him for yesterday if he blames her for everything how they are going to accept wach other and move on. Fateh says to Tejo that he dont want to move on he is happy like this only. Tejo asks Fateh then why he went to her house and defend her infront of Jasmine. Fateh says to Tejo because Jasmine needs to understand her mistake.

Tejo tells Fateh that she dont want his pity then they both leaves the place. Biji and Mahi praises Tejo’s pakoras. Biji asks Gurpreet to pack their things because they have to go to Vaishnavi Devi temple. Gurpreet says in this situation how could they go. Biji and Mahi plans so send Fateh and Tejo to some other location to spend some time together. Tejo gets shocked seeing their conversation. Biji scolds Nimmu for always saying negative things. Fateh comes there and says to everyone that he is not going to them with temple but if Tejo wants to go with them then she can.

Babu Ji comes there and tells everyone that they are going to Vaishnavi Devi temple and asks Tejo to take care of Fateh. Tejo agrees then leaves the place. Babu Ji tells everyone while they are away Fateh and Tejo will try to clear their misunderstandings then asks Gurpreet to tell the servants to take leave for two to three days.

Tejo hears someone is knocking the door. Tejo opens the door and gets shocked seeing Jasmine. Tejo recalls Jasmine’s words then says to her if she wants to apologise to her for her yesterday behavior but before she finish that sentence Jasmine interrupts her and says to Tejo that she is not here to apologise to her, she came here to take back her passport from Fateh then goes inside the house. Jasmine calls Fateh.

Tejo stops Jasmine and asks her why she didn’t told Satti. Veer’s comes to the hall and gets angry seeing Jasmine there but no one say anything. Jasmine says to Tejo that she told Satti but Satti locked her inside the room so she came here by herself to take her passport. Tejo says to Jasmine that she will go and take the passport for her and asks her to wait.

Tejo enters the bathroom and both Fateh and Tejo gets shocked seeing Fateh is only in his towel. Fateh asks Tejo why she didnt knock the door. Tejo asks Fateh why he didnt locked his door. Fateh says why he had to when the house and room belongs to him. Fateh then asks Tejo for his clothes. Tejo gives Fateh his clothes.

Fateh asks what is she looking for. Tejo says her lipstick then she takes Jasmine’s passport and tries to leave the room but Fateh stops her and asks Tejo why she is taking Jasmine’s passport with her. Tejo says to Fateh that Jasmine is here to collect her passport. Fateh tells Tejo that he himself will give Jasmine the passport.

Jasmine waits for Tejo. Gurpreet recalls Jasmine’s behavior on the Mandap and gets angry. Fateh recalls everything that happened between him and Jasmine. Jasmine gets shocked seeing Fateh there. Fateh gives Jasmine her passport and says to her that everything between them is over. Jasmine smiles at Fateh then says to him everything between them is over on their wedding day itself.

Fateh stops Jasmine from leaving the house and says that he has only one sister in law if he dont treat her properly then their parents might get upset with him. Fateh then drags Jasmine to the dining hall and makes her sit on the chair then asks her to have the pakoras. Fateh then says to Jasmine that he will introduce her the person who made the pakoras.

Fateh then takes Tejo with him and keeps Tejo closer with him by putting his arm around Tejo and holding her hand with his. Jasmine sees their joining hands. Tejo tries to get out of Fateh’s grip. Fateh tells Jasmine that his loving wife made this pakoras for him. Jasmine says to Fateh that he do understand what he is trying to do. Jasmine says to Fateh that he failed to understand her properly.

She tells that she dont care neither about him nor about his wife anymore then says that she dont have much time to enjoy the pakoras but she will come and have food properly with her Jiju then leaves the place. Fateh loosens his hold on Tejo. Tejo looks at Fateh angrily then leaves the place. Gurpreet asks Fateh dont he remember what Jasmine did to him then why he is acting like this towards her. Fateh leaves the place.

Jasmine comes outside and thinks about the way Fayeh hold Tejo then says that Fateh is upset and sad because he lied to her and failed to fulfill her dreams but she knows well Fateh still loves her.

The episode ends.

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