Udaariyaan 12th March 2023 Written Update: Ekam demands Nehmat to confess her true feelings for him


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The episode starts with Harleen confirms this drink will make the person who can be happy after drinking it right and asks that guy to give it to Ekam. She then takes one with her and gives it to Nehmat. Harleen smirks seeing both Nehmat and Ekam is having the drink. Shamsher comes out of the water. He recalls Nehmat, Ekam and Harleen’s statement against Advait also their determination to punish them three. Here Harleen gets happy seeing that Nehmat become intoxicated. She takes her to dance to celebrate Holi. Shamsher recalls his conversation with Advait. Ekam and Nehmat stares at each other. Harleen gets happy that her plan worked. Ekam applies colour in Nehmat. Nehmat scares him away by trying to use the water gun at him. She then laughs at him. Ekam complains about her troubling him like this. Nehmat also complains about his behavior towards her in their childhood. They both then pretends to punch one another. Kesariya Tera plays in the background. Ekam chases Nehmat. Harleen notices it and gets determined to unite them at any cost.

Jasmine urges her driver to drive fast. She gets annoyed and decides to drive on her own. She regrets making Harleen comes to India. She decides not to spare Shamsher if he tries to hurt Harleen. She also prays God for Harleen’s safety. Shamsher arrives there with his men. Ekam and Nehmat dances in their intoxicated state. Harleen dances then drags Ekam and Nehmat to join her with her. Shamsher with a pistol in his hand and searches for Ekam Nehmat and Harleen. Ekam tries to apply colour on Nehmat. Nehmat refuses. Harleen helps Ekam to apply colour on Nehmat’s face. Nehmat tries to apply colour on Harleen. Shamsher and his men roams around the place. Ekam and Nehmat fights like a kid. Ekam leaves the place. Harleen watches this and gets upset. She then decides to do something to unite them. Harleen lies to Nehmat and sends her inside the house. She then sends Ekam the same room where she send Nehmat with a help of another guy. Ekam and Nehmat gets surprised seeing one another in the room. Harleen locks the room from outside. She then prays God to unite both Nehmat and Ekam. She gets sad recalling Ekam’s proposal to her. Swaroop arrives there searching for Nehmat. Harleen lies to her and takes her from there. Shamsher sees Harleen and thinks himself to punish Harleen for sending Advait to prison.

Ekam and Nehmat questions what the other person is doing here. Both of them refuses to answer them. Ekam asks Nehmat to confess her love for him because for that reason only she called him. Nehmat says she is here to take the drinks. Ekam tells Nehmat that he knows her well. Now instead of listening to her heart she is listen to her mind and pleads her to confess her true feelings for him. Nehmat decides to leave but Ekam stops her and holds her close to him then asks her don’t she feel anything for him? Also don’t she love him at all and their close proximity isn’t affecting her? Nehmat looks at Ekam. Ekam finds her tearing up. He takes the tear drop in his hands and says her tear is saying everything. The tear fell from his hands. Nehmat demands Ekam to find her tear. Ekam also searches for it. He then held her close to him and says that instead of her that tear he will give her a lifetime of happiness. Nehmat looks at him. Shamsher finds Harleen alone. He puts his pistol at her back. Harleen gets shocked. Shamsher asks Harleen to go with him to withdraw her complaint against Advait or else he will kill her. Harleen looks on shocked.

Precap: Ekam and Nehmat calls for help to open the door of the room. Shamsher drags Harleen and threatens to kill her. Harleen challenges him to do it. Nehmat gets shocked seeing Shamsher dragging Harleen. She goes out of the room through the window to save Harleen. Shamsher points his gun at Harleen. The firing bullet sound shocks Nehmat.