Udaariyaan 12th May 2022 Written Update: Amrik takes the bullet to save Tejo


Udaariyaan 12th May 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Jasmine and Fateh seeing Angad putting an unconscious Tejo in the car trunk. Fateh asks If Jasmine is recording all. Jasmine says that yes, but she’s worried about Tejo. Fateh assured that nothing will happen to Tejo. Angad drives off. Fateh says to Jasmine to follow them. Jasmine that she will do. In India Kushbeer confronts Mahi and asks where she has gone last night. Mahi lies that she went to meet her friend. Kushbeer shouts to not lie and demands to tell the truth.

He raises hand to slap Mahi when she lies again, but Gurpreet stops him and asks what happened. Buzzo shows Gurpreet Mahi’s video shocking the latter. Kushbeer asks Mahi who is the guy in the video, if she knows him. Mahi cries hugging Gurpreet. Kushbeer shouts at Mahi for defaming him. Mahi runs from there. Suman and Buzzo defend Mahi. Kushbeer says that Mahi ruined her life and wonders why his children take wrong ways and defame him.

Buzzo says that someone did it intentionally to trap Mahi. He says that such things keep happening in politics. Even Tejo’s video was leaked during election time and it created problem between him and Rupy. Simran says that Buzzo is right. She says that Tejo died so Rupy won’t the election with people’s sympathy. Gurpreet thinks that thank God that Tejo is alive.

In London Anagd open the trunk and says that he loves her so much and can’t see her United with Fateh, so he ignited fire last time, but she got saved, but this time he will bury her. Tejo opens her eyes shocking Angad. She kicks him and runs from there. Angad chases Tejo. Fateh hits Angad. Amrik and Jasmine also come there. They all four surround Angad.

Tejo says to Angad that his game is over, they recorded his plan for killing her. He can’t run away anymore and says to surrender. Tejo tells him how she threw away the tablet Angad gave him. Angad laughs and says that Tejo became a smart Tanya. He catches Jasmine and holds her at gunpoint. Fateh and Tejo say to Angad to leave

Mahi’s friend Priya says to Mahi to not go out for some time as people are badmouthing her after seeing the video. Simran comes to them and scolds Priya for demotivating Mahi. She says that the boy is at fault and wonders who he is. She assures Mahi that they all are with her and will find that guy’s identity. Gurpreet watches this and prays to God to protect her children.

In London Fateh says to Angad that they will give him the proof they have against him. Fateh takes the phone from Amrik and gives it to Angad. Fateh pushes the gun away making Angad falls down. Angad holds Tejo’s leg and makes her fall down. Fateh runs to Tejo and helps her to get up. Angad takes the gun and points it at them.

Gurpreet tries to call Fateh. She says to Simran that she’s feeling restless and Fateh isn’t answering her calls. Simran says that she feels restless due to Mahi’s problem. She says to not call Fateh and tell what happened here. There Angad says that he loves Tejo and threatens to kill all the four. Fateh says to Angad that he only gave Tejo pain in the name of love.

Jasmine says that Angad leaked Tejo’s video and framed Fateh and then made Tejo doubt that she and Fateh are having affair. She says that he did all this to make Tejo hate Fateh. Angad admits it and says that he can’t see Tejo becoming someone else’s. Fateh asks then why he tried to kill her when she was ready to marry him. Angad says that because she was pregnant with his child. Angad says that he did everything to get Tejo, but Tejo always loved Fateh. Tejo says that she clearly told Angad that she doesn’t love him.

Fateh says that Tejo took him to the doctor to treat him. Angad says that he didn’t take any medicine which could remove Tejo’s memories from his heart. He confesses his crime. He says that Tejo was lucky so she got saved from the fire, but not her child. Fateh laughs and shows the recording of his confession.

He says that he sent it to Buzzo and he will show it to the police. Fateh says him to get ready to go to the jail. Angad says that he will take them with him. Angad is about to shoot them. Fateh kicks Angad. They both get into a fight. Amrik and Jasmine hide taking Tejo with them. Fateh hits Angad. Angad takes the gun again. He shoots at Tejo. But Amrik comes before Tejo and takes that bullet shocking all.

The episode ends.

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