Udaariyaan 13th March 2023 Written Update: Shamsher abducts Nehmat


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The episode starts with Ekam promises Nehmat to give her life time of happiness. Nehmat pushes him away and calls him a liar. Ekam tells it’s her who isn’t listening to her heart so she is a liar. They both then throws flowers at one another. Ekam applies colour on Nehmat. Nehmat struggles to see so Ekam take her in his arms to clean her face. Nehmat realises her closeness with Ekam so pushes him away then leaves the place. Here Shamsher sees Harleen is alone. He puts the pistol behind her. Harleen gets shocked. She tries to get Rupy’s attention but due to noise she fails to get his attention. Shamsher drags her from there. Harleen shouts at him for his behavior. Shamsher warns her. Ekam covers Nehmat with a shawl. He then apologises to her. Nehmat goes to open the door and finds it’s locked so she tries to open the window. Ekam calls out someone to open the door. Meanwhile Harleen challenges Shamsher to shoot her saying she won’t withdraw her complaint against Advait. Shamsher gets furious. Nehmat opens the window but before she could notify Ekam the same she sees Shamsher with Harleen so rushes outside to save Harleen. Ekam opens the door and gets confused seeing Nehmat isn’t there.

Shamsher holds Harleen at gun point. Nehmat comes behind Shamsher and pushes him aside then takes Harleen with her and runs away to the secluded place. Shamsher follows them saying at any cost he will make sure that Harleen withdraws her complaint and enters the place. Ekam searches for Nehmat. Rupy asks Ekam about both Nehmat and Harleen’s whereabouts. Ekam says that they must be around here and wonders himself where Nehmat must be. Here Nehmat and Harleen hide themselves from Samsher. Nehmat throws colours at Shamsher and takes Harleen with her. Shamsher gets determined and approaches the one who trying to open the lock and abducts her with him thinking it’s Harleen. Ekam fails to see Shamsher and his men leaving the place. He enters the secluded area and searches for Nehmat. Harleen calls him out. Ekam inquires what happened. The FB shows in which Harleen sprains her ankle so Nehmat goes to open the lock but Shamsher takes her with him. The FB ends. Harleen urges Ekam to save Nehmat. Ekam rushes outside. Harleen prays God to save Nehmat as she land trouble because of her.

Shamsher gets shocked seeing Nehmat in place of Harleen. He then calls Ekam and threatens him to make Harleen withdraw her complaint against Advait or else he will kill her and gives him an hour time. Harleen comes to where everyone is celebrating Holi. She decides to tell the Sandhu’s about Nehmat. Jasmine arrives there. Harleen cries hugging her and tells her that Shamsher abducted Nehmat and the latter’s life is in danger so pleads her to do something to save Nehmat. Jasmine scolds Harleen for risking her life then advices her to go with her. Harleen refuses. Ekam reaches the venue and searches for Harleen. He decides not to tell the Sandhu’s about Nehmat. Jasmine warns Harleen about Samsher’s crazy behavior and urges her to go with her. Harleen refuses and shouts at Jasmine saying that Nehmat is in this situation because of her and she won’t leave until she saves Nehmat. Jasmine grows frustrated. She asks Harleen to have water then brings her one. Harleen drinks the water and falls unconscious. Jasmine thinks herself that she don’t have any other option to save Harleen by spiking her drink to make her unconscious. Ekam receives a call from DIG congratulating his suspension is withdrawn. Ekam decides to tell DIG about Shamsher but recalls Samsher’s threat then decides not to say anything. He further gets determined to save Nehmat at any cost.

Precap: Ekam fights with Samsher’s goons. Shamsher pushes Nehmat away and holds her at gun point. Ekam warns Shamsher. Shamsher fires the bullet. Ekam shouts Nehmat. Nehmat looks on shocked.

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