Udaariyaan 14th March 2022 Written Update: Sandhus refuse to forgive Jasmine


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The episode starts with Dilraj asking Rupy to bring Tejo. Satti assures Dilraj that she will phone Tejo. Rupy remembers Tejo’s words and says to not call Tejo. She will come when she will feel. Biji says that Tejo is lucky that she got a family who cares for her, but Jasmine is unfortunate that she doesn’t have anyone to care for her. Satti says that Jasmine is responsible for that. She says that being Jasmine’s mother she can forgive her, but Rupy won’t. Just then door bell rings. Dilraj thinks it’s Tejo and runs to open the door followed by Rupy. They find Angad. Other hand Fateh says to Buzo that Tejo and Jasmine aren’t at home.

Angad asks Sandhus where Tejo is. Just then Tejo arrives there. Sandhus get elated on seeing Tejo. They wish Tejo on her birthday day. They take her inside and they ask her to cut the cake. Tejo waits for someone. They ask for whom she’s waiting. Angad says that she must be waiting for Fateh. Rupy says that it’s better Fateh doesn’t come. Tejo says that she has obeyed Rupy since her childhood, she has at least the right to invite whoever she wants for her birthday. Just then Jasmine comes there in the wheelchair which surprises the Sandhus. Tejo goes to bring Jasmine in. Rupy recalls Jasmine’s misconduct towards all and asks Tejo to stop there.

Rupy says that he broke all his ties with Jasmine. She got punished for her misdeeds. He says that they suffered when she was in pain and prayed for her recovery, but she doesn’t have any place in this house. Rupy stops Jasmine from saying anything and refuses to forgive Jasmine and to give another chance to her after the crimes she has committed. Rupy asks Jasmine to get out. Tejo tries to talk to Rupy, but he silences her saying that this house is his and he will decide who will come here. Tejo says that Jasmine is her sister. Rupy says that Jasmine hates Tejo and considers her as her enemy so she can backstab anytime.

He advises Tejo to stay away from Jasmine. Tejo stops Jasmine from leaving and says that she has to apologize for her misdeeds. Tejo says to Rupy that Jasmine is changing and requests him to give Jasmine a chance. Rupy refuses and says how Jasmine ruined Tejo’s life by having an affair with Fateh. He says that he will never forget the pain Jasmine caused to Tejo and requests Tejo to not force him to forgive Jasmine.

Mahi phones Fateh. Fateh asks if Tejo has returned home. Mahi says that matters went out of hand, but she forgot to tell him. Fateh asks what she’s talking about. Other hand Tejo tries to convince Rupy to forgive Jasmine. She says that Jasmine needs them and requests Rupy to forgive Jasmine. Tejo asks Hangad, Biji if they won’t forgive Jasmine, but they refuse. Jasmine requests Dilraj to talk to her. Dilraj says that everyone badmouth Tejo because of Jasmine and asks her to go away.

Tejo then requests her aunt and Navraj to forgive Jasmine, but they also refuse. At last Tejo asks Satti to forgive Jasmine. Satti says that she loved Jasmine more than Tejo, but… Tejo says that Jasmine is ashamed of her act and requests Satti to forgive her. Satti says that she tried to forgive Jasmine and tried to convince Rupy too when Fateh left her, but Jasmine was blind in her revenge. Tejo stops Rupy from leaving. Jasmine removes her slipper and asks Rupy to beat her with it for her mistakes, but to not hate. She says that she is ashamed of her misdeeds and begs to forgive her.

She promises to not repeat it and make him ashamed. Rupy throws the slipper and asks Jasmine to stop her drama. Jasmine wishes that she could have died. Rupy says to Jasmine to try for her mistakes. Tejo says that Jasmine trying to the same. Rupy says that trust is earned and it’s not easy to forgive Jasmine like Tejo forgave Fateh. He says that Tejo will regret forgiving Jasmine. He says that Jasmine can change anytime.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tejo comes to meet Tejo with the gift he bought for her. He sees Angad presenting Tejo the chain he bought for her and gets angry.

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