Udaariyaan 15th March 2023 Written Update: Shamsher gets arrested


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The episode starts with Shamsher aims the pistol at Nehmat. He then fires the bullet. Ekam and Nehmat looks shocked. Harleen takes the bullet. The FB shows Harleen coming infront of Nehmat to save her. Harleen falls unconscious. Nehmat shouts Harleen. Ekam rushes to her.

Shamsher sits on the ground stunned. Ekam asks someone to call the ambulance. Shamsher’s goons alerts him about the police arrival so he and his men decides to leave. Nehmat asks Ekam to do something. Ekam gets shocked seeing the car tyre is punctured and looks on helplessly.

Here, Jasmine vents out her frustration of making Harleen to comes to India. She then shouts at the Sandhu’s ladies. Naaz gets upset and thinks herself even she is in pain but Jasmine cares about Harleen only. Abhiraj and Rupy returns home. They both says they failed to find Harleen.

Jasmine decides to contact Chief Minister. Rupy receives a call and the person informs her Harleen gets shot. Jasmine gets shocked. She takes the phone from Rupy and learns that Harleen is taken to The City Hospital. Jasmine loses her balance. The Sandhu’s rushes to the hospital.

In an ambulance, both Ekam and Nehmat tries to awake Harleen reminding her about the memories they shared with them also Ekam makes a promise to Harleen that he will save her at any cost. Here, Jasmine asks Abhiraj to drive fast. She decides to not to spare who is behind all this. Ekam and Nehmat brings Harleen to the hospital. The doctor says it’s a police case.

Ekam says to the doctor he is an ASP so asks her to start the process. The doctor and team rushes her to Emergency room. The Sandhu’s arrives the hospital. Jasmine gets shocked seeing Harleen’s state. Jasmine breaksdown infront of everyone.

Nehmat cries hard hugging Rupy. She blames herself saying Shamsher wants to kill her but Harleen came infront of her. Jasmine gets shocked then furious recalling Shamsher’s threat.

Jasmine meets Shamsher in the prison. Shamsher says her, his target is Nehmat not Harleen but the latter comes infront of Nehmat. Jasmine warns Shamsher about the consequences. She also tries to strangle him. Few cops separates Jasmine from Shamsher. Jasmine leaves the place.

Shamsher gets furious. In the hospital Nehmat blames herself for Harleen’s state. Ekam hugs her and assures her that he will do everything in his power to save Harleen. Nehmat inquires the nurse about Harleen’s state. The nurse informs about Harleen’s blood loss then excuses herself.

The Sandhu’s cries. Renuka calls Ekam to inquire about Harleen. Ekam pleads her to pray for Harleen’s recovery. Renuka obliges. Naaz gets irked seeing everyone’s care and love for Harleen.

Nehmat rushes outside of the hospital and cries hard. Ekam goes to her and says there is only one way they can able to save Harleen. Nehmat stares at Ekam. In the hospital Satti asks Jasmine to not to lose faith in God. Jasmine tells both Satti and Rupy her willingness to donate money to temple also renovate a temple but asks them to pray God to bring back her Harleen.

Rupy says to Harleen the parent’s lost hope to save their children is God and God don’t want wealth but love. In the temple both Ekam and Nehmat do services. Nehmat cries and says to Ekam that she will never forgive herself if anything happens to Harleen. Ekam takes her inside the temple.

Ekam prays God saying Harleen is indeed a good person so pleads to save her. Nehmat recalls Harleen’s love for Ekam and her happiness relies on Ekam so she prays God to recover and she will make Harleen happy. Harleen’s health deteriorates. The doctor and the nurse treats her. Renuka prays God to save Harleen.

Ekam and Nehmat stays in the temple praying for Harleen. The doctor comes out and says the surgery is done but if Harleen fails to gain her consciousness in next 24hours then they can’t do anything so asks them to pray to God. Jasmine looks on shocked. The Sandhu’s cries hard.

Precap: Ekam thanks God for saving Harleen. Jasmine and the Sandhu’s gets relieved when Harleen gains her consciousness. Later the doctor shows Harleen the report. Harleen gets shocked.

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