Udaariyaan 16th January 2022 Written Update: Jasmine made Amrik believed that he did someone’s accident


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The episode starts with Simran saying to Fateh that Kushbeer seems angry. Fateh reassures her saying that Kushbeer will like Buzzo after seeing many unsuitable alliances. Just then the marriage broker arrives there followed by Buzzo and his parents. Kushbeer gets shocked shocked on seeing them. Gurpreet and Buzzo’s mother have a talk. Tejo prays that Kushbeer approves Simran-Buzzo alliance. Kushbeer scolds Buzzo and says that he doesn’t want his alliance for Simran as he isn’t suitable for her. Buzzo’s father gets angry and says that he rejects Simran’s alliance for Buzzo. He insults Simran and Kushbeer. Buzzo tries to calm his father down, but in vain. Buzzo’s father taunts kushbeer saying that he lost his MLA seat because of Fateh’s act. Fateh warns Buzzo’s father that he is crossing his limits. He asks Fateh to say it to his dad, who has started insulting them first. Buzzo’s father continues to insult Simran. Buzzo says that he should have said earlier if he doesn’t like Simran, he won’t hear one more word against Simon. Kushbeer and Buzzo’s dad argue saying that they don’t want this alliance. Buzzo takes his parents from there. Fateh looks worried.

Elsewhere Jasmine asks Amrik why he hasn’t eaten anything. Amrik keeps repeating that he’s scared. Jasmine says that she will handle everything like she handled till now. She is with him and she won’t let anything wrong happen. Jasmine smirks. Kushbeer calls out Simran. Fateh requests Kushbeer to not scold Simran. Kushbeer scolds Fateh and Simran. He says that he got insulted because of Simran and Fateh’s act. He asks Gurpreet to take that Mayi and Amrik to do anything wrong if she wants to see him alive. Other hand Amrik says that he did a mistake. Jasmine says that it’s just an accident. Amrik says that he should get punished for that. Amrik asks Jasmine why she helped her when she hates his family. Jasmine says that she hates his family, but not him and moreover he supported her when she was in problem. Amrik cries getting scared. Jasmine says that usually people gets lifetime prison for such cases and assures him to make everything fine. Amrik gets scared of getting jailed and gets a panic attack. Jasmine gives him a medicine and makes him sleep. Jasmine says that she need to give him training to surprise Fateh-Tejo.

Angad spots Tejo on the road and offers to drop her at her house, but Tejo refuses his offer. Angad asks Tejo why she’s worried. Tejo is about to tell about Simran and Buzzo, she receives a call and leaves urgently. Angad says that it must be Fateh and says that he won’t let Tejo to go back to Fateh. Tejo meets Fateh and they discuss about Simran. They decide to let both side anger to calm down then they will think what to do. Later Kushbeer and Candy meet Kushbeer in the temple. Candy says that he asked to God to make Buzzo his father. Kushbeer gets shocked hearing this. Kushbeer comes back home see Simran and Buzzo talking. Simran asks Buzzo to leave as she doesn’t want to hurt Kushbeer more and asks him not to try to meet her again. Tejo scolds Buzzo for meeting Simran. Buzzo says that Simran told him to not meet her again and leaves getting sad. Tejo asks Fateh to talk to Buzzo while she will talk to Kushbeer.

Tejo meets Kushbeer and apologizes to him saying that the marriage bureau idea was hers as she thought that Buzzo is the right person for Simran. She further says that Simran had done mistakes, but she admitted it and returned home. Tejo requests Kushbeer to forget the past. She says that Simran can run away again from the house for Candy’s happiness. Kushbeer says that she can run away and leaves. Jasmine brings breakfast for Amrik. Amrik says that she’s not bad as everyone thinks. Jasmine sends Amrik to get fresh up. She takes Amrik’s phone and turns off it so that he doesn’t contact his family.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh asks if Tejo will forgive him. Tejo turns and looks at him. Fateh gets happy. Jasmine says to Amrik that she bailed him for her own benefits and asks if he wants to get death punishment or he will agree to her condition.

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