Udaariyaan 16th March 2023 Written Update: Harleen makes a request to the doctor


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The episode starts with the priest comes to the temple the next day also questions Ekam and Nehmat are still in the temple. Nehmat says that they won’t leave until God blesses them. Guruji says that God’s blessings are always with his devotees then leaves. Ekam receives a message and tells Nehmat they have to leave. Nehmat follows him. Jasmine in the hospital pleads Harleen to wake up.

Harleen wakes up which makes Jasmine and the Sandhu’s happy also emotional. The nurse arrives there and asks the family members to let Harleen rest. Jasmine and the Sandhu’s obliges. Ekam and Nehmat asks the Sandhu’s about Harleen. Jasmine informs them that Harleen gained her consciousness which makes them both happy. Nehmat requests to let her meet Harleen. Jasmine gets irked. Rupy asks Ekam and Nehmat to meet Harleen later because the nurse said that Harleen needs to take rest. Ekam and Nehmat obliges.

Jasmine tells the Sandhu’s about her decision to go to temple and fulfill the offering she decides to when Harleen recovers then leaves the place. Nehmat asks Ekam to help Jasmine. The latter obliges and goes behind Jasmine. Nehmat decides to stay in the hospital with Harleen and sends the Sandhu’s home. In the temple Ekam and Sandhu’s joins Jasmine and serves food to the devotees. A little kid asks Ekam about him looking at the sky also questions him whether he ever met God. Ekam explains him how everyone can feel God’s presence around them. He then gets shocked seeing the kid isn’t beside him but smiles looking at the sky.

In the hospital, the nurse asks Nehmat to complete the few formalities so Nehmat leaves the place. The doctor asks the nurse about Harleen’s family members. Harleen asks the doctor to discuss with her whatever she has to. The doctor gives Harleen the reports and says during surgery she learned about it. Also there is no cure to this. Harleen gets shocked reading her medical records.

She then requests the doctor to not to reveal the truth to her family members. The doctor hesitates but obliges. Nehmat arrives there and hugs Harleen. Harleen gets relieved realising Nehmat didn’t heard her conversation with the doctor. Nehmat scolds Harleen for putting her life at risk to save her. She then inquires the doctor about Harleen’s condition. The doctor says Harleen is fine. Nehmat assures to take proper care of Harleen. The doctor leaves.

Nehmat asks Harleen to let her know if she wants something. Harleen says to Nehmat nothing around her feels good. She further says it’s because Nehmat who refuses to accept Ekam and his love. Everyone knows and sees Ekam’s love for her then why she isn’t a accepting him. She also says very few people only get true love and here Nehmat isn’t ready to accept it. Nehmat cries hard and says to Harleen that she knows Ekam loves her and feels his love for her just like other’s. She also loves him. Harleen gets happy hearing it. Nehmat tells Harleen about Ekam’s love for her since the childhood. After her parent’s dead he protected her always also no one can love her the say Ekam loves her.

Harleen asks Nehmat the reason behind her refusing to accept Ekam back saying she will convince the family members. Nehmat tells Harleen that without elders blessings marriage shouldn’t take place. Her parent’s died but she is sure Renuka will never approve her for Ekam.

Harleen tries to convince her saying she will talk to Renuka. Nehmat says it’s not possible to convince Renuka then runs away from there. Harleen thanks God for letting Nehmat accept also confess her love for Ekam. She also prays God to bless them both. Ekam thanks God for saving Harleen. He then prays God to help him get his love back. Nehmat recalls her moments with Ekam and cries hard.

Precap: Harleen says to Ekam that his and Nehmat’s marriage will take place in a month. She also says that she don’t have more time which confuses Ekam so he questions Harleen. Harleen becomes nervous. Nehmat decides to leave the city to fulfill the promise she made to Renuka.

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