Udaariyaan 17th January 2022 Written Update: Jasmine blackmails Amrik


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The episode starts with Tejo trying to convince Kushbeer. Tejo says that Buzzo supported Simran. He loves her after knowing about her past. His parents brought came to talk about Buzzo and Simran’s alliance as they understood their love for each other. Tejo asks Kushbeer to forget Simran’s mistake and approve this alliance. Kushbeer says that he is unable to forget it. Tejo says to Kushbeer to forgive Simran to let go off the past. Kushbeer asks why she is not able to forgive Fateh then, he asks her to forgive Fateh before he loses all hope. He requests Tejo to give Fateh second chance like him. Kushbeer leaves. Fateh is apologizing to Buzzo’s parents on the behalf of Kushbeer. The latter arrives there and says to Fateh that he will apologize to them directly. Kushbeer says to Buzzo’s parents that he is ashamed of his act and apologize to them. He admits that he is at mistake and apologize to Buzzo as well. Buzzo says that it’s not needed. Buzzo’s mother asks Buzzo’s father to forgive Kushbeer. He agrees and reconcile with Kushbeer. Fateh and Tejo look at each other smiling.

Amrik thanks Jasmine for helping him forgetting the unfair happened with her. Jasmine says that she helps anyone for her own benefits. She bailed him for some work and threatens to jail him again if he refuses to do her work. Amrik asks what she wants. Meanwhile Tejo gives Simran the good news. Gurpreet, Mayi and Simran get elated. Here Kushbeer feeds sweets to Buzzo and all are happy. There Simran asks about Amrik, who supposed to come to meet them today. Mayi says that he hasn’t come. Jasmine says that Virks should obey her if they want to save his life and asks Amrik if they will do so. Amrik says that his family doesn’t have any connection with this. Jasmine says that his family and Fateh are responsible for her state and she has chosen Amrik to take revenge on his family.

Fateh drops Tejo at her house. Tejo says that he doesn’t need to drop her at home. Fateh says that Kushbeer asked to drop her. Tejo recalls Kushbeer’s words. Fateh says that he’s not lying. He doesn’t lie anymore. Jasmine says to Amrik that she wants to take revenge on his family for all her insults. Amrik begs Jasmine and says that he will ask her family to apologize to her. Jasmine says that she knows his family listen to him. Fateh asks Tejo if she will forgive him one day. Tejo turns around and looks at him and leaves. Fateh smiles.

Jasmine says to Amrik to remember what he has done the other night. A FB shows. Amrik is driving the car listening to the music. He hits someone who was coming from the opposite on the bike. Amrik looks scared. Jasmine arrives there. Amrik says that he hasn’t done it intentionally. Jasmine checks the person and says that he is dead. Amrik wants to take him to the hospital. Jasmine says that he will get jailed if they took the person to the hospital. Amrik gets out of control in fear. Jasmine slaps Amrik and asks him to leave taking the car, she will handle everything. Amrik obeys. FB ends. Jasmine says that someone saw him doing the accident and registered a complaint and he was arrested. She saved him by coming to the police station. Jasmine thinks in mind that Amrik doesn’t know that the man didn’t die. Jasmine blackmails Amrik that she will tell police that he threatened to kill her, so she gave false statement if she doesn’t obey her.

Gurpreet worries about Amrik as he hasn’t returned home and also she’s worried about Fateh’s boxing match which is that day. Simran suggests cooking biryani for Fateh. Gurpreet agrees. Gurpreet goes to Kushbeer and thanks for reconciling with Buzzo’s parents and asks why he can’t reconcile with Rupy then. Kushbeer refuses to reconcile with Rupy as he broke his trust. Gurpreet meets Tejo and thanks her for helping Simran. Satti also arrive there as Gurpreet called her to talk about Rupy and Kushbeer. Satti says that she’s happy for Simran. Gurpreet and Satti talk about Jasmine and get worried about her surprise. Jasmine meets Angad. The latter asks about her surprise. Jasmine says that everything is set now.

The episode ends.

Precap: Goons beat Fateh. Angad forcibly takes Tejo in his car.

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