Udaariyaan 17th June 2024 Written Update: Haniya meets with an accident

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The episode starts with Sarab saying to everyone that he agreed to this wedding. Mehar says that she don’t have any problems with this wedding. Haniya is shocked to hear it. Simi asks her, why didn’t he revealed about their love matter? Haniya leaves from there heartbroken. Aunty appreciates Aasmaa. They starts the rituals. Munni is on cloud nine seeing the jewels. Mehar says to them that she agreed to this wedding. But she has a condition. She is opposite to Sarab. She needs time to understand him. Munni says that it’s normal to go out for a date. Mehar says that she don’t want to go out with him for a romantic date. She don’t have time for that. Sarab gets frustrated. Mehar says that Sarab might stay in her house for a month like house husband.

Everyone is shocked to hear it. Simi searched for Haniya there. Sarab asks her what’s she thinking about herself. She is showing her true colors to them. She wanted to insult his family. He won’t stay in her house. Mehar says that she said her condition to them. Its in their hand whether to accept it or not. Mehar says that he has to stay in their house and understand her life style. If there is no problems between them, then she don’t have any issues to marry him. Sarab says that it won’t happen. He won’t stay here leaving his self respect. Aaasmaa asks her what’s she saying? Mehar says that it’s her final decision. Munni assures Aaasmaa that she will make Sarab understand everything. She don’t need to worry. Aasmaa assures her that she will try to convince Mehar.

Haniya is eating spicy golgappe in tension. Simi stops her. She narrates to her what happened in home. Munni tried to convince Sarab. He refuses to go there leaving his family. Munni says that it’s matter of a month. She will come to meet him daily. She will bring his favourite food. Sarab denied it. Mehar says to Aasmaa that she shared her condition with them. Its her final decision. Aasmaa complaints that no one will agree to stay in bride house before wedding. Mehar says that it’s her condition. They can’t stop her. She demands Aasmaa to transfer 51% shares on her name. She shouldn’t blackmail her late. Later, Bubbly says to Sarab that she shouldn’t play with his self respect. Munni says that Bubbly never cared for Sarab till. Why he is trying to become a good father today. He says that she already ruined his life. She won’t allow her to ruin Sarab’s life too. Munni created an emotional drama there. Meanwhile, Aasmaa family arrived there. Munni says that they have no issues with this condition. Aasmaa says that she agrees to Mehar’s condition. They are searching for Haniya there. Aunty says that she left her phone here. Meanwhile, Haniya is walking on the road without checking the vehicle approaching her. She meets with an accident. Simi calls Aasmaa and informs her that Haniya met with an accident.
They rushes to the hospital.

Mehar worries about Haniya. She gets hurt. The nurse dressed her wound. Haniya gained her consciousness. She likes to meet Sarab. Mehar disliked it. Sarab’s sisters inform Haniya that Sarab agreed to Mehar’s condition. He mentions Mehar as Katrina. Haniya realised that he didn’t mention her as Katrina. Sarab meets her. She confirms that he didn’t love her. Mehar noticed Haniya crying. She thought that Sarab is the reason for it.

Episode end

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