Udaariyaan 17th March 2023 Written Update: Naaz pressurizes Jasmine


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The episode starts with Jasmine tells someone on the call to fix a meeting with Chief Minister. She further asks the person to make sure that both Shamsher and Advait never gets out of the prison. She also asks to book an air ambulance so that she can take Harleen Canada as she don’t want Harleen to stay here. Naaz arrives there and taunts Jasmine for the difference she is showing between her two daughters. She then accuses Harleen for ruining her life also asks Jasmine to take the responsibility to rectify her mistakes so that she can go back to her in law’s house. Jasmine scolds Naaz for defending the Kapoor’s family who tries to kill her sister.

Naaz says that she don’t care about anything because her own mother left her to the grandparents and she suffered a lot. Finally she created her own life only to Harleen ruin it. She can’t tolerate this anymore so she demands Jasmine to withdraw the complaint against both Advait and Shamsher. Jasmine scolds her for not caring about her own sister. Naaz taunts Jasmine by talking about the latter’s relationship with her own sister Teji. Jasmine gets furious and asks Naaz to not to compare Teji and Harleen then leaves. Naaz gets determined to ruin Harleen’s life similarly Nehmat’s.

Harleen recalls the doctor’s warning. She gets determined to conduct Nehmat-Ekam’s wedding at any cost. Renuka visits Harleen which makes the latter emotional. Harleen recalls Renuka’s anger and asks her is she forgive her yet. Renuka tells Harleen that she brought lots of happiness in their life also she did mistake she isn’t a bad person. Harleen uses this opportunity and requests Renuka to accept Nehmat because Nehmat and Ekam loves each other so much. Because of the promise Nehmat made to her the reason behind both Ekam and Nehmat are staying away from one another. Renuka refuses to free Nehmat from the promise she made her do it by blaming her for ruining their lives then leaves. Harleen gets sad.

Renuka comes out the hospital but fails to see both Nehmat and Ekam. Ekam sees Nehmat and suggests to meet Harleen together. Nehmat makes an excuse and asks Ekam to give the medicine to Harleen then leaves. Ekam senses that Nehmat is planning to do something. Inside the hospital, Harleen teases Jasmine for going to temple and doing services there which is so unlike of her. Rupy says parents can go any extend for their child. Jasmine gets angry hearing it. She then informs her plan to take Harleen to Canada which Harleen opposes it. Satti calms down both Jasmine and Harleen. Jasmine goes to meet the Chief Minister.

Ekam comes to meet Harleen. He makes a joke at her then apologises to her for the way he treated her the other day also suggested to become her friend. Harleen refuses to become friends with him saying it’s because her plan to unite Ekam and Nehmat isn’t fulfilled yet. She then scolds Ekam for not putting more effort. Ekam complains to her about Nehmat’s stubborn behavior. Harleen says she don’t have much time. Ekam gets confused and questions her.

Harleen lies that she has to return to Canada so at any cost she want to witness Ekam and Nehmat’s wedding. Nehmat overhears the conversation and says Renuka’s choice is Harleen so until she stay here Harleen will try to unite her with Ekam so she decides to execute her plan that too in seven days. After seven days the doctor approves Harleen to go to home but advices her to be careful.

Harleen looks at the doctor gratefully for hiding the truth from her family. She then firmly tells her family members she is going to temple alone. Nehmat confirms with the person she will join the job and packs her things. She gets emotional and says whatever she is doing now is for Ekam’s well being. She then prays God to unite Ekam and Harleen. Meanwhile Harleen thanks God for saving her. She further prays God for Ekam and Nehmat’s reunion.

Precap: Nehmat sees Naaz received her tickets and gets tensed while Naaz wonders whose ticket it is. Harleen tells Ekam that Mallika throw the bracelet in the dustbin and gives to him the bracelet. Naaz asks Nehmat to do her work so that she won’t tell her decision to anyone. Nehmat looks on helplessly.

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