Udaariyaan 18th January 2022 Written Update: Fateh saves Rupy


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The episode starts with Tejo waking up from sleep. She remembers the rose and the note from Fateh and looks at the night table. She finds the night table empty and wonders that there’s no note and flower today. She recalls Kushbeer’s words and asks to herself if she should forgive Fateh. She asks God to help her. Dilraj and Navraj are overhearing Tejo. Tejo looks at her phone and learns that Fateh won the match. She gets happy and thanks God for the same. Tejo finds her brothers standing near her room window. They tell about Fateh winning the match and shows a video. Tejo says that they’re showing an old video and sends them away.

Fateh is on his way to the college. Buzzo calls Fateh and informs him that few goons are fighting with Rupy. Fateh gets shocked. The goons beat up Rupy. The latter gets hurt in his head and falls unconscious. Fateh arrives there and fights the goons. The goons beat up Fateh too. Fateh overpowers them and makes them run from there. Fateh lifts up Rupy on his shoulder and takes him from there.

Tejo arrives at the college and sees Fateh’s poster and recalls his words. A student asks Tejo if she will present the book to Fateh. Tejo asks the student to talk to Tanu. At the hospital, the doctor says to Fateh that if the patient was brought late to the hospital, the case could have been complicated, now he’s fine and he will recover fast. The doctor asks if he’s his relative. Fateh nods yes.

Fateh gives the nurse Tejo’s number and asks to call her. The nurse obliges. After sometimes Tejo arrives at the hospital. Fateh hides on seeing Tejo. The latter sees Rupy unconscious. She asks the nurse what happened. The nurse says that he was hit in the head. She asks who brought him to the hospital. The nurse says that a boy brought him and he was injured as well, but thankfully he managed to bring the patient to the hospital. He asked to call her as well. Satti arrives there. Tejo gets call from the college. Satti asks Tejo to leave.

Kushbeer gets happy Fateh with the trophy and the students celebrating his win by lifting him up. Fateh recalls his insults. Kushbeer says to Fateh that he is proud of Fateh and hugs him. Fateh gets elated. Buzzo phones Tejo and asks how Rupy is now. Tejo asks how he got to know about Rupy’s attack to which Buzzo says that he informed Fateh about Rupy being attacked by goons. Tejo realized that Fateh saved Rupy. Tejo goes to Fateh and thanks him for getting Kushbeer’s lost respect back. Fateh apologizes to him. She asks why he doesn’t send rose today and asks if he sends it hoping to get her forgiveness.

Fateh says to see her smile. He gives her a rose and apologizes to her. Tejo recalls Fateh’s betrayal and walks way. Angad sees this and gets happy. But Tejo stops recalling the recent happenings. She has a change of heart. She comes back and accepts the rose. Angad looks shocked while Fateh is happy. Fateh thanks Tejo. The latter says that she accepted his rose to thank him for saving his dad. She asks why he hid this. Fateh says that he doesn’t want Rupy and Tejo think that he did it to get Tejo’s forgiveness. Tejo says that she’s not anymore angry at him, but she moved on in her life after what happened between them.

Fateh asks if he doesn’t have anymore place in her heart. Tejo says that there was place for him, but now that place is closed. Tejo says that the Fateh, who is standing in front of her, has changed and has started to think about others and become selfless. Fateh smiles. She takes his leave. Fateh gets elated. Just than Fateh receives Jasmine message. Jasmine asks Fateh to go home leaving Tejo as her surprising is going to reach there and asks to save his family if possible. Fateh runs from them getting worried. Tejo looks.

The episode ends.

Precap: Angad makes Tejo to forcibly sit on his car. Amrik says to Fateh that Jasmine trapped her and begs Fateh to save him. Fateh hugs Amrik. Family looks on.

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