Udaariyaan 18th June 2022 Written Update: Fateh stays firm in his decision


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The episode starts with Fateh saying that this marriage can’t happen. He asks why he should do this marriage when Tejo has returned. Nimmo reminds him that he got married and if he cancels the wedding now he is giving people chance to taunt them. Jasmine thinks of being calm leaving the anger. Gurpreet tries to convince Fateh.

Jasmine says to Gurpreet to not force Fateh. They can talk about it later. She says that they should understand how Fateh would feel seeing Tejo’s condition. She says that they will do what Fateh feels right. Satti hugs Jasmine. Rupy says that Jasmine is right. This isn’t right time to discuss about it. He suggests postponing the wedding after 15 days so that they will get time to discuss and decide. He says that he is happy with Tejo’s return, but he worries about Jasmine’s future too. Kushbeer agrees with Rupy. He says that he doesn’t care about society, but they shouldn’t take any wrong decision this time. Satti says to Fateh to go home and rest. Fateh asks what if Tejo cries. Rupy says that he will handle her if he can’t handle her, he will call her.

Jasmine is confident that Gurpreet will do as she wants and will bring Fateh back in her life. Gurpreet says that Jasmine would have aborted Tejo if he hadn’t agreed to marry her. So he shouldn’t back off from his responsibility. She says that Tejo was there when he agreed to marry Jasmine. Fateh says that she wasn’t Tejo, but Tanya, so she refused to marry her. He says that he didn’t know Tejo was live when he agreed to marry Jasmine, but now he is aware of this. He says that they all know how much he loves Tejo. He reminds Kushbeer that he told him that he won’t forget Tejo despite marrying Jasmine. He asks how he can marry Jasmine when he knows Tejo is alive. He can’t do this. Kushbeer says that he can understand him.

Biji asks what about his decision to take care of Jasmine’s child. She says that Jasmine will abort her child if he doesn’t marry her. She cries. Gurpreet says that Tejo is no more Tejo whom Fateh loved. She says that she’s like a kid and only a mother can handle a child. She asks if Fateh can become her mother to which Fateh says that he will become her mother if his love has go through this.

Rupy comes to Jasmine. He says that he can understand her heart’s state. Jasmine says that he can understand neither her heart nor her pain. She says that there’s one side her sister, who isn’t well and other side her child, whose dad died before her child comes to the world. She says that till today she got everything that she wanted in a dishonest way, but for the first time she wants to do everything in honest way just for her child. She asks how she can ask the Virks to get her married Fateh. They will think that she’s still the same Jasmine who is selfish and doesn’t care about her insane sister and wants to take care place. She says that she’s happy with Tejo’s return, but it’s not visible as she’s worried about her child.

Gurpreet tries to convince Fateh to marry Jasmine. She says that giving a father’s name to Amrik’s child is more important now and says that they all can handle Tejo and Fateh can handle her after his marriage. Fateh says that he is responsible for Tejo’s condition. He says that Tejo needs him the most now and refuses to leave her side. Gurpreet cries. Rupy reminds her his promise that he will be on her side. He further says that Fateh won’t back off from his responsibility and will understand what important is. He says to not worry and take care of her heath. Jasmine hugs Rupy and thinks of continuing doing emotional blackmail as it will get her Fateh.

Fateh remembers that Tanya. He says that she called him there to meet Tejo. He wonders where she’s. Fateh phones Tanya. Lovely hears the ringtone and wonders whose phone it’s She thinks it’s Jasmine’s phone and gives it to her. Rupy asks whose phone is as her phone is here. Jasmine lies that lies that it’s her friend’s phone, she left it. Rupy, Satti and Lovely leave. Jasmine wonders why Fateh is calling Tanya. She disconnects the call.

Fateh wonders why Tanya disconnected his call. Jasmine says that she won’t let Fateh talk to Tanya as she doesn’t want Fateh get to know her truth. Jasmine sends a message to Fateh from Tanya’s phone. She says Fateh to not call her hereafter as her work is done and he got Tejo. Fateh reads the message. He thinks that Tanya is scared to face the family. He messages her. He thanks her for her help and says that he is ready to help her when she needs him.

Tejo wakes up and looks for Fateh. She says that Fateh left her and tries to run find Fateh. Satti stops her and calms her down. Jasmine is in the call with Gurpreet. She says that she can’t sleep properly as she slept in Satti’s room since Tejo slept in her room. Gurpreet says that she will talk about it to Satti. Nimmo asks Gurpreet why she looks tensed.

Gurpreet says that she’s disturbed ever since Fateh refused to marry Jasmine. Nimmo says to let Fateh take care of Tejo day and night so that he will have a realisation and come back to her. Then she can get him married to Jasmine. Amrik’s child will come to home and till that insane Tejo will go back from where she came.

Tejo thinks of making breakfast for Fateh. She goes to the kitchen and decides to make aloo ke pakode. She takes potatoes and knife to cut them. Family gets worried on seeing Tejo holding a knife and tries to take it from her hand. Tejo gets angry. Jasmine sees this and thinks of pouring oil in the fire. She shows fake concern for Tejo and asks her to give the knife. Tejo gets angry and chases Jasmine. Family protects Jasmine.

Jasmine thinks that she has to prove to all that she’s not only insane, but also dangerous. Fateh arrives. Tejo runs to him and hugs him. Tejo complaints that they don’t let her make aloo ke pakode for him. Fateh divert Tejo in talk and takes the knife from her hand. He says that they will have competition to have breakfast. Tejo agrees Fateh takes her to make brush her teeth. Jasmine thinks of doing something to separate Fateh and Tejo.

The episode ends.

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