Udaariyaan 18th March 2023 Written Update: Naaz emotionally blackmales Nehmat


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Episode starts with the great arrangement in Kapoor for the homecoming of Harleen. Seeing all the arrangements, Nehmat becomes emotional and collected. She hugs Rupy and she is asked to taste the sweet. She very happily tastes the sweets and appreciates it. Rupy asks why her eyes are wet, Nehmat says she have been waiting for the homecoming of Harleen, that’s why she is happen to be emotional.

Here, Ekam recalls all the words of Harleen in the car and decides to call Nehmat but she doesn’t receive the phone call. Ahead, Nehmat comes to meet Renuka going their home. Reaching in the room of Mallika, she sees both Renuka and Mallika. When Renuka asks her to have some jewelleries, Mallika behaves oddly with her mother. After leaving, Renuka Mallika throws the bracelet in the dustbin which was gifted by Advait, but she is seen by Harleen.

Ahead, Harleen meets Renuka. She has something to say to Renuka, she asks her to sit in the bedroom. Coming in the bedroom, Nehmat searches the dust bin and notices the bracelet minutely. Seeing the happiness in the Kapoor family for the homecoming of Harleen, Naaz decides to ruin the life of Harleen as she ruined of Nehmat. Suddenly a post master arrives to give something. Naaz runs to collect the percel and sees there is a ticket of Nagpur which is arrived on the name of Nehmat.

Ahead, Harleen identifies the bracelet which belonged to Nehmat but she doesn’t understand the connection between this two poles. How did the bracelet come to Mallika. She decides to ask Nehmat regarding the bracelet. She have to figure out the reason behind it. Meanwhile, Harleen meets Ekam in the outside of the home and greets each other. Seeing the bracelet in her hand, Ekam asks Harleen where did she the bracelet. She says everything to Ekam.

Learning the issue, they both try to find out the reason and mindfully connect the threads. Suddenly, Ekam realises the cause behind all these dramas. Ekam starts to interrogate Mallika telling the truth. Ekam blames Mallika for having the relationship with Advait who is a criminal. Mallika screams in the midst and bursts herself out, when she fails tolerate the emotional tantrums. After leaving Mallika, Ekam and Nehmat both try to make understand Renuka that Nehmat is not so much gulit as much as she thinks.

Here when Rupy is about open the letter, he is stopped by Harleen in haste. The whole scene is seen by Naaz, she doubts what’s the secret of the ticket. Later, Naaz emotionally blackmales Harleen to know the reason behind the ticket. Then Harleen opens her plan that she wants sacrifice her own dream for the sake of Harleen and she requests Naaz to keep it a secret. Naaz seeks another promise from Harleen in terms of keeping the news as a confidential. She requests not open up that folder. Harleen proclaims that she will never interfere in the life of Naaz. Naaz gets relieved.

In whole arrangement and celebration, at first Ekam doesn’t find out Nehmat anywhere. Nehmat also doesn’t come in front of Ekam, she always runs from Ekam. They both pray to God for each other’s happiness. Meanwhile, Nehmat is dragged by Ekam aside and asks her why she is running from him.
Episode ends.

Precap: Harleen sees there is no belongings of Nehmat in her room, she doubts whether Nehmat has left the house. Here, Ekam also tries to find out Nehmat.

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