Udaariyaan 18th October 2022 Written Update: Ekam is heartbroken by Nehmat’s action


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The episode starts with Nehmat requesting Rupy to allow her to attend Ekam’s felicition function. She says that it is both of their dreams that Ekam becomes a police officer. She assures him not to talk to Ekam at the function. She asks Rupy to accompany her. Satti asks Rupy to let Nehmat go. On the other hand, Ekam is hoping that Nehmat will come to his function and won’t break his trust. Here, Naaz asks Rupy to permit Nehmat to attend the function. She won’t break his trust. Rupy agrees. Nehmat happily hugs Rupy. She thanks Rupy and Naaz. She leaves to get ready. Naaz thinks that Nehmat should attend the function, so that Ekam learns that Nehmat lost his grandmother’s earrings. There, Ekam is eager to see Nehmat wearing his grandmother’s earrings.

Nehmat is shocked not to find the earrings in the box. She searches in the whole cupboard. She breaks down when she doesn’t find it. Sandhus are waiting for Nehmat. Naaz says that she will get Nehmat. Naaz smirks, looking at Nehmat’s condition. She goes to Nehmat and asks what happened. Nehmat says that Ekam gifted her his grandmother’s and they’re missing. She cries. She asks Naaz not to tell this to anyone. Naaz assures her that Ekam won’t notice from far that she didn’t wear the earrings and asks her to get ready.

At the function, Renuka and Mallika meet Ekam, who is in police uniform. Renuka feels proud of Ekam. The latter is looking for Nehmat. Mallika taunts him by saying that he shouldn’t have broken up with Nehmat. Ekam is confident that Nehmat will come wearing his grandmother’s earrings. Just then, the Sandhus arrive there. Ekam looks for Nehmat. Naaz says to Shelly that Ekam’s eyes are searching for Nehmat, but she won’t come. Advait arrives at the function. Mallika is happy to see him. She talks to Advait. The latter asks if Nehmat isn’t coming to felicitate her ex. Mallika says that she won’t come. Naaz sees Mallika talking with Advait and says that Mallika trapped a rich guy.

The function starts. Ekam is looking at the entrance to see Nehmat. The latter makes her entry. Ekam smiles seeing her. Advait notices Nehmat and wonders if Nehmat and Ekam really broke up. Advait goes to Nehmat and talks. Naaz notices this and thinks that Nehmat also knows Advait. She calls out Nehmat. She is shocked to see Nehmat wearing Ekam’s grandmother’s earrings. She asks how she got these earrings. Nehmat says that they will talk about it after returning home. Ekam’s name is announced and he gets honoured. Nehmat applauds Ekam. Nehmat and Ekam exchange a smile. Advait notices this.

Nehmat decides to leave as she has fulfilled her promise to Ekam. But she gets stopped by Ekam. Ekam hugs Netmat from the backside and plays with her earrings. Her one earring falls on the ground. Ekam picks it up. Ekam notices that it’s not his grandmother’s earrings, but its duplicate. Hev questions Nehmat about the same. Nehmat says to Ekam that the earrings that he gave her have been lost. She wore duplicate earrings as she promised to wear them for the function. Ekam gets angry that Nehmat didn’t tell her about this and deceived him by wearing duplicate earrings. Nehmat assures him she will find the earrings in two days. But Ekam doesn’t get convinced and says that on his special day, Nehmat broke his trust and also his heart. Naaz sees this and smiles. Nehmat tries to explain to Ekam, but he refuses to listen to her. Ekam feels betrayed by Nehmat and walks away. Nehmat breaks down.

The episode ends

Precap: Ekam and Advait meet. Mallika accuses Naaz of stealing Nehmat’s earrings. Naaz admits stealing the earrings. Nehmat slaps Naaz.

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