Udaariyaan 19th February 2022 Written Update: Fateh encourages his team to win the match


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The episode starts with the match restarting after a short break. It’s announced that the best player of Ratan Singh college can’t play in the match. The opposite team scores two goals. The principal of Ratan college looks worried. A short break is announced. Tejo signs a staff. The staff says to the coach that the principal called him. The coach scolds the students and then goes see the principal. Tejo makes the coach unconscious and ties him up with the help of the staff. Tejo says that she has to get Fateh into the college anyhow. She goes to Fateh and gives him clothes and asks him to change it in the changing room. Fateh leaves.

Fateh comes changing his clothes. The principal calls him. Fateh gets nervous. She expresses her worry regarding their college being in the verge of losing. Fateh says silent. The principal demands to answer him. Tejo looks worried. The principal gets a call and leaves from there. Fateh feels relieved and goes to the students. They get happy on seeing Fateh. Fateh motivates them. Jasmine is trying to call the coach. A man tells Jasmine that the coach called her to the storeroom. Jasmine goes there. Tejo sprays something over Jasmine’s face and ties her up to the chair. She locks the room and leaves to find Fateh.

Fateh is giving training to the students. Tejo gets juice for them. Fateh encourages the students that they can win. At the Virks Gurpreet shows Simran the outfit that she got for her. Simran likes it. Gurpreet says that she couldn’t see her becoming bride in her first wedding, but now she will see it. Mahila puts the duppata over Simran’s head. Gurpreet wishes happiness for Simran. She also wishes that Fateh and Tejo unite and her whole family stay happy.

Fateh says to the students that they will play in attack mode hereafter and explains them what each one to do. Jasmine manages to free herself and shouts for help. Fateh says to the students to put all their efforts in the remaining minutes and put the six goals that thry need to win. Tejo hopes that Jasmine doesn’t come out before the end of the match. The staff says that she won’t as everyone is busy in watching the match. Tejo convinces Fateh to go to the ground. They will explain later principal. She says that Fateh will win. Fateh says that he will win when she’s with her. He leaves. Tejo prays to God for Fateh’s win.

The match continues after the break. Sandhus are watching the match live. Satti sees Fateh and asks what he is doing there. He was removed from the college. Navraj says that it seems they called him again. Tejo said that he was training the students. Fateh encourages the students The principal gets shocked on seeing Fateh and asks what he is doing here. Tejo says to the principal Fateh’s present is important for their college to win the match. The parents also get shocked on seeing Fateh and decides to see him after the match. Fateh’s team puts the first goal. Tejo says to the principal that the students play in full spirit and it’s because of Fateh. Simran and Mahi also watch the match live and hope Tejo teams win. Fateh’s team scores two more goals. Jasmine hears that it’s said Ratan Singh college keeps scoring goals and gets worried.

Rupy throws the phone away and says that he doesn’t want to hear about Fateh. Satti asks him to accept the fact that Tejo loves him. He says that he doesn’t like Fateh. He isn’t right for Tejo. Lovely reminds him that Tejo is living at the Virks. Rupy says that he allowed Tejo to stay there due to Jasmine. He will call her back once everything is fixed. The coach gains consciousness and shouts for help. Jasmine realises that Tejo locked the coach too and tries to open the door. The door opens.

The episode ends.

Precap: Ratan Singh college needs to put one more goal to win. Fateh, Tejo and Jasmine look on nervous.

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