Udaariyaan 19th July 2022 Written Update: Jasmine executes her evil plan against Tejo


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The episode starts with Tejo saying to Satti that she’s going to prepare food for Fateh. Satti wants to do it. But Tejo says that she will do it as she’s Fateh’s wife. Satti says that she will help her. Tejo agrees. Tejo and Satti start cutting vegetables and cook. Rupy gets happy seeing this. Dadi says to Rupy that Tejo started to understand the relationship of husband and wife.

Jasmine comes to Lovely who is on the terrace. She says to Lovely that Rupy and Satti aren’t able to go to Gurudwara like every year as they have to look after Tejo. Here Tejo calls Fateh and says that she made lunch for him. Satti says that Tejo made all his favorite dishes alone and tells the dishes name. Fateh says that then he should get gift for her. Tejo says him to get jalebi for her. Fateh agrees and hangs the call. He thinks that moving to Sandhus is right decision. There Jasmine asks Lovely to convince Rupy and Satti to go to Gurudwara.

Lovely and Harman convince Rupy and Satti to go to Gurudwara. Rupy messages Fateh the same and asks him to come home earlier. Jasmine stops Rupy and Satti. She asks them to pray for her and her child. She hugs Rupy and talks about Yash to divert him. She takes Rupy’s phone and deletes the message that he sent to Fateh. Rupy and Satti leave. Jasmine gets happy that only few family members left in the house.

Tejo happily tells to Dadi about making food for Fateh. Lovely gives lassi to Harman. He asks to put ice in lassi. Jasmine says that she will put it. Jasmine mixes something in the lassi and brings. She offers the spiked lassi to Dadi and Harman. However Harman gets a call and leaves for some work. Lovely also leaves for some asking Jasmine to look after Tejo. Jasmine gets happy.

Other hand Fateh gets jalebi for Tejo. Here Jasmine suggests play carrom. Tejo remembers playing with Virks and agrees. Dadi asks them to play as she’s feeling sleepy. Dadi falls asleep. Jasmine and Tejo play carrom. Jasmine pretends to have stomach pain and shouts. Tejo gets worried and decides to take her to the hospital. Just then she remembers Fateh refusing her to not go anywhere without telling him. She hesitates. Jasmine acts and screams. Tejo leaves taking Jasmine. They get into an auto. Jasmine signs the auto driver.

Fateh is coming in an auto in the opposite direction while Tejo and Jasmine going in an auto. Fateh and Tejo fail to see each other. Fateh sees Rupy and Satti in the Gurudwara. He stops the auto and asks them about Tejo. They say that Tejo is at home with others. Fateh asks if Jasmine is with Tejo. Satti says yes. Fateh recalls the past incident and says that he senses something is wrong and asks them to rush home. They all come home and look for Tejo and Jasmine. They don’t find them. Fateh says that they should leave Tejo with Jasmine. She must have intentionally take Tejo out.

Jasmine tricks Tejo and brings her to the godown where Tejo’s attempt to murder happen. Tejo starts getting flashes of her past. Tejo refuses to go in. She tries to run out. The auto driver prevent her and pushes her down. Other hand Fateh is looking for Tejo. Fateh wonders where Jasmine would take Tejo. Here Jasmine approaches Tejo holding fire torch. Tejo gets flashes of the past incident. She gets scared on seeing the fire and shouts. There a man tells Fateh that two girls went that side in auto. He confirms when Fateh shows Tejo and Jasmine photo. Fateh reachea the place and recognizes the godown.

Jasmine scares Tejo with fire torch. She says that Fateh is always hers. She says that every time Tejo is coming between Fateh and her. She says that she’s more prettier than Tejo yet Fateh always care for Tejo only. She calls Tejo mental and says that she burns to the ashes getting stuck in the fire. She throws the fire torch and moves away. Tejo shouts for help ans remembers the past incident: her getting stuck in the fire and seeing Fateh and Jasmine together. Tejo faints. Jasmine thinks that no one can stop Tejo from going mental asylum and Fateh becoming hers now. She leaves.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh tries pacify a scared Tejo. Tejo pushes him away and asks him to stay away from her. She accuses him of trying to kill her shocking Fateh. Later police cones to arrest Fateh. The inspector tells Sandhus that Tejo registered police complaint against Fateh that he ignited the fire shocking the Sandhus.

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