Udaariyaan 19th March 2022 Written Update: Fateh seeks forgiveness from Rupy


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The episode starts with Fateh asking Teji if she’s sacred to come with him for a drive. Tejo hesitates. Fateh says that she refuses because of her dad. He reuqests her to forget everything for a while. He says that she looks beautiful in open hair. He caresses her cheek and kisses her forehead. He asks if they shall go. Tejo says that she has a condition, she will drive the tractor. Fateh agrees and helps Tejo to get on the tractor. Tejo drives the tractor while Fateh is sitting next to her smiling.

Gurpreet phones Satti. Rupy asks Satti to put the phone on speaker. Satti obliges. Gurpreet asks if they are going to Gurudwara today so that they can meet and talk. Rupy signs Satti to say no. Satti says that they’re not going today. She pretext to be busy with Dilraj and disconnects the call. Satti asks Rupy why he asked her to lie when they’re going to Gurudwara. Rupy says that he doesn’t want to talk to them since they will talk about Fateh-Tejo. Other hand Gurpreet understands that Rupy isn’t talk to her. She wonders why he doesn’t forgive Fateh when he has forgiven Jasmine.

Jasmine is wondering why Amrik hasn’t talked to her about her letter. Just then she hears Amrik shouting her name. Jasmine gets up to go, but falls down. She thinks that Amrik is angry after reading her letter so he is shouting. She comes to Amrik sitting in the wheelchair. She finds Amrik with Gurpreet who have fallen while taking tea for Jasmine. Gurpreet says that she is worried for Fateh. Other hand Fateh and Tejo have a talk. Fateh says that he can’t come to Sandhus’ house since Rupy is angry at him. Tejo receives Satti’s call. Satti asks Tejo to return home as they have to go to Gurudwara. Fateh requests Tejo to stay with him for some more time.

Jasmine aids Gurpreet. Amrik says to Jasmine that he will take care of Gurpreet as Jasmine is already not well. Jasmine thinks that Amrik isn’t angry with her so he is talking nicely with her and wonders whether he read the letter or not. Mayi comes to Gurpreet. She says that she will sit with Gurpreet and asks Jasmine to rest. Gurpreet says that Jasmine has changed. Mahi says that she can’t trust Jasmine. The latter overhears this and thinks that Amrik won’t trust her too after reading the letter. Amrik comes to take the spray and finds his book.

Tejo says that she feels guily to meet secretly and asks Fateh to convince Rupy. Fateh says that he will convince her. Tejo says that she has some conditions. She says that she will tell it when the right time come and laughs. Fateh says that after convincing Rupy, there won’t be any secrets between them there will be only happiness. He hugs Tejo. Tejo hopes that Jasmine would have told the truth to Jasmine. Amrik notices that his favorite mup is broken and thinks Jasmine might have broken it by mistake. Jasmine comes to Amrik and sees the book on the table. She thinks that Amrik read the letter. She asks Amrik if he is angry with her. Amrik says that he isn’t. Amrik is talking about the mug while Jasmine thinks that he is talking about the letter. Jasmine asks if he has forgiven her to which Amrik says yes. Jasmine gets happy and hugs Amrik thanking him. Jasmine thinks of telling this to Tejo. Gurpreet asks Amrik what happened. He says that Jasmine broke his mug and was scared that he got angry at her and apologized to her.

Sandhus are at Gurudwara. Fateh is also there. He prays to God to help him to convince Rupy while the latter prays to God to protect Tejo from Fateh. Fateh gives Rupy offering. Rupy accepts it. Fateh requests Rupy to forgive him. Rupy walks away silently. Fateh washes dishes with Rupy. The latter silently leaves again. Fateh stands in front of Rupy folding hands, but Rupy ignores Fateh. Satti says to Tejo that Fateh tries hard to get Rupy’s forgiveness, but Rupy is stubborn. Tejo says that Fateh won’t give up until he gets Rupy’s forgiveness. Tejo comes to Fateh. Rupy drags Tejo from there. Fateh comes in front of Rupy and stands folding his hands. He asks what he can do to win his trust. Rupy says that it will never happen so don’t waste both of their time. Fateh says that he is ready to sacrifice his life to get his forgiveness. Rupy says that he will never forgive Fateh for whatever he did with Tejo. He asks if he forgot all that. Fateh says that he hasn’t forgot anything. Rupy sternly says that he may get God’s forgiveness, but he will never get his forgiveness. He leaves taking Tejo with him. Fateh looks on. Tejo also looks back at Fateh.

The episode ends.

Precap: Jasmine says to Tejo that her new dream is to get Fateh and Tejo married. Rupy says that it will remain only her dream. He aska his if they all forgot what Fateh did with Tejo. Fateh says that he won’t leave this place until Rupy agrees to get Tejo married to him.

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