Udaariyaan 1st August 2022 Written Update: Tejo gets heartbroken knowing she cannot be a mother again


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The episode starts with Tejo combing her saying that Gurpreet must have already started to make breakfast and wonders why Fateh didn’t wake her up. Just then she receives Jasmine message in which she asks Tejo how she’s doing. Tejo recalls a FB. Jasmine says to Tejo that no one in the Virks family loves her and her child. She says that Fateh doubts Jasmine to be involved in her fire accident ever since Tejo accused him and her for her child’s death. She puts up an emotional act.

She says that she moved on in her life with Amrik, but lost while exposing Angad. But Fateh doubts her and doesn’t let him come near her. Tejo says to Jasmine to not take stress in this condition and assures to talk to Fateh. Jasmine recalls Fateh’s words. She gives her swear to Tejo and says to not talk about this to Fateh. Tejo promises to sort it out without talking to Fateh. Tejo hugs Jasmine. The latter smirks. The FB ends.

Tejo says to Fateh that she wants to talk to him about Jasmine.  She says that she’s worried about her. She’s pregnant and Amrik isn’t with her. She says that Jasmine was roaming on the road when Sweety’s mom threw her out of the house since she thinks that she doesn’t love them. She asks what if anything happened to her that night.

Fateh recalls Jasmine’s confession. He says that Tejo has a pure heart so she can’t see Jasmine’s cunningness. Tejo says that she’s already guilty that Jasmine lost her husband and her child will be born without a father, so she wants to look after Jasmine and her child. She says that she can’t forgive herself if anything happened to Jasmine and her child. She says that they lost their child and know that pain and she doesn’t want Jasmine go through the same. She requests Fateh to act normally with Jasmine.

Tejo says that Gurpreet acts nicely with Jasmine as she cares for Jasmine and Amrik’s child. She says that she got her family and het sister back after longtime and requests Fateh to not hate Jasmine. Fateh thinks that Tejo is getting emotional because of Jasmine child and trusts her lot. Tejo asks Fateh to promise to not be angry with Jasmine. Fateh wonders how to tell Tejo that the sister whom she trusts lot tried to burn her alive.  Tejo requests to promise for her sake.

 Fateh asks if it will give her happiness. Tejo nods yes. Fateh promises Tejo to act nicely with Jasmine, but asks her to be careful that no one misuse her being emotional. Fateh leaves and says that Jasmine must have manipulated Tejo and Tejo isn’t save with Jasmine. He thinks of doing something.

Mahi ties rakkhi around Fateh’s wrist and asks for her gift. Fateh gives her money. Next is Simran’s round. Just then Abhiraj and Navraj arrive. Tejo tie rakkhi around Abhiraj’s wrist. Abhiraj says that he has some work and begins to leave. Tejo plays the recording of Abhiraj in which he wishes happy rakkhi to Tejo and promises to be always with her. Abhiraj looks around hearing this.

Fateh and Tejo visit doctor. The latter says that all the reports are normal, but they have take Tejo’s ultrasound. Fateh doesn’t understand why it’s needed. Doctor says that Tejo wants to start her family. Fateh gets surprised and looks at Tejo. She nods yes. He gets happy Doctor takes Tejo for the ultrasound test.

At the Virks, Nimmo says to Gurpreet to urge Tejo to form her family with Fateh. She adds that even Satti gave Tejo the same advice. Biji also agrees with Nimmo. Gurpreet hopes that Tejo’s all reports will be fine, then she will talk to Tejo about it.

Here Fateh says to Tejo to take more time if she wants. Tejo says that she decided after thinking lot, she may forget her sorrow with the arrival of the new baby. Doctor checks Tejo’s reports. Fateh asks if everything is fine. Doctor says that nothing fine, Tejo can never become mother shocking Tejo and Fateh. She further says that Tejo’s fallopian tube got damaged due to her miscarriage and therefore she won’t be able to become mother. Fateh and Tejo ask for any solution. Doctor says that nothing can be done as it’s too late. She suggests getting another doctor opinion if they want, but he/she will also tell the same. Tejo gets teary eyes.

Tejo is crying doctor’s words then Nimmo’s words and Fateh playing with Candy. She sees a father consoling his daughter. She goes to them. She takes the daughter from her father anf and cheers her up. Fateh sees this and gets emotional. Fateh comes to Tejo. The latter says to him to let her go as she doesn’t want to ruin his life.

Fateh says her to not talk like this again. She cries saying that their happiness is short term. Fateh says that they will overcome it together. Tejo asks what the use of them being together when she can’t give him a family. Fateh says that they’re enough for each other. He says that she didn’t understand the meaning of marriage and its duties when he married her and he is happy with her.

He says that she’s enough for him. Tejo says that she can’t ignore the fact that she can’t become mother and give him children when he loves kids. She can’t fulfill family’s dream neither. She cries hard. Fateh comforts her.

Fateh and Tejo return home. Gurpreet asks why they’re late. Fateh says that they have gone to the temple. Tejo gives them all prasaad. Gurpreet blesses Tejo to give them grandkids soon. Tejo excuses herself. Tejo locks in in the washroom and cries hard. remembering doctor’s words. Fateh stops from himself knocking at the washroom door. He sits merging his back on the door and cries.

The episode ends.

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