Udaariyaan 1st October 2021 Written Update: Virks try to cheer up Tejo


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The episode starts with Tejo greeting her parents. Tejo assures Rupy that she decided after thinking lot. Rupy asks why Jasmine is here. They are called inside. Fateh asks Jasmine to wait outside to avoid any drama. The judge asks Tejo if she was forced to sign divorce papers. Tejo denies it and says that she signed by her. The judge asks what’s the reason for divorce. Fateh says that he did lot of mistakes and he doesn’t want Tejo pay for those mistakes. Jasmine wonders why they’re taking long time to end their relationship. Tejo says the reason is the end of love in their marriage. The judge asks if the family supports this divorce. Kushbeer says that he doesn’t want this divorce happens. He admits his son made mistakes and he will regret it one day. Rupy says that he wants Tejo to get respect in the society.

Gurpreet says that she doesn’t want his son gets unhappy and leaves the house. Satti says that she wants Tejo happiness. The asks Fateh and Tejo what they want. Fateh says that Tejo is a good human being, a good partner, friend and she has all qualities a good wife has, she always supported him. They didn’t marry by their wish, the circumstances were like that, they had to obey their parents wish and got married. Fateh says that Tejo is good wife, but he can’t be a good husband and he lost his good friend too. Tejo says that two families and its respect get united in a marriage and it’s better to end the relationship when it’s get spoiled due to a mistake, before it spoils family’s respect. The judge says after hearing their talk her decision is…

They all come out of the court. Jasmine happily hugs Fateh asking they got divorce. Kushbeer asks her to not get happy soon. Jasmine asks Fateh what happened, what Kushbeer is saying. Kushbeer says that they will talk going home. Jasmine asks why Tejo is coming with them, she should go with their parents. Kushbeer says that Tejo is coming to her house. Fateh says to Jasmine that Tejo will stay in his house, this is court’s decision. Jasmine gets shocked and asks why. A FB shows. The judge says that marriage is a pure bond so the court want to give them another chance before approving this marriage so that they understand each other problem and tries to keep their marriage. The divorce should not be a decision taken in rush so the court gives Tejo and Fateh six months time. Till that they should stay together and try to work out their relationship and make it more strong. The case’s next hearing will be after six months. FB ends. Fateh leaves taking Jasmine. Simran and Buzz are hiding and seeing this and get happy.

Tejo visits the temple whereas Jasmine is venting out her frustration in front of Fateh. Tejo washes the vessels. Fateh says that it’s matter of six months. Jasmine says that they can’t marry neither go to Canada in these six months. Viraj asks if she’s not feeling suffocating by staying there. Tejo says that she’s feeling suffocating and wonders how to come out of it. Fateh asks Jasmine to accept what happened and think about what to do further. Tejo says that life doesn’t let her move on in her life and wonders when it will end. Jasmine asks Fateh to apply for Job and says if he gets a job in Canada, maybe the court will allow him to go to Canada. When he will get divorce, they will go away from everyone forever. He doesn’t want any drama in this house till that.

Jasmine says that it’s impossible when Tejo stays here. Tejo cries and says that she tried hard to move but what happened today. Viraj motivates Tejo that he’s with her in her problems and pain. Tejo thanks Viraj. Fateh says that they Tejo put lot of efforts to win his family’s heart, Kushbeer loves Tejo more than him and asks Jasmine to try to win his family’s heart instead of hating Tejo. Satti asks how she spend six months in that house, she won’t get hurt seeing Fateh and Jasmine together. Tejo says that everything happens for a reason, she has made a promise to Virk’s family, maybe that’s why she’s returning there. She will come back once she fulfill her promise. Satti asks what it’s. Tejo recalls her promise to Gurpreet. Tejo says that she has to unite a mother and daughter. She will explain the rest after returning home.

Kushbeer thinks that maybe he forced his decision on Tejo and regrets it. Other hand Satti cries. Rupy also thinks that he made a mistake by asking Tejo to fight for her rights by staying at Virk’s house. Gurpreet says to Kushbeer that they all did wrong. Fateh did wrong, but it was destiny’s fault, maybe God didn’t made them for each other. Rupy says that he also wished that Tejo to get divorce so that she doesn’t get hurt seeing Fateh and Jasmine together. Kushbeer says that he won’t stop Tejo if she wants to leave after six months. He wants only Tejo to be happy. Gupreet says that she too.

Mayi blindfolds Tejo and takes her to the dinning table. Dadaji Kushbeer, Gurpreet and Nimmo are there. Kushbeer and Dadaji make Tejo sit and serve her food. Kushbeer asks Tejo to wait for Amrit. Amrit brings the dish made by Satti. They all try to cheer Tejo and laugh. Jasmine brings food for Fateh in the room. They hear family laughing. Jasmine starts eating while Fateh is sad. He recalls happily having meal with his family and misses his family. Jasmine comes out and hears Kushbeer praising Tejo. Jasmine fumes in anger and thinks of doing something to make fall Tejo in all their eyes and they all throw Tejo out of the house.

The episode ends.

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