Udaariyaan 20th July 2022 Written Update: Fateh gets arrested


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The episode starts with the inspector stopping Fateh from approaching Tejo. He says that she just fainted and asks him to go along with her to the hospital. Other hand Jasmine is in the hospital hoping that her plan got successful. She asks doctor to inform her family. Doctor informs Rupy that Jasmine is in the hospital. Rupy and Satti reach the hospital. Jasmine puts up an act. She lies that Tejo ran away pushing her due to which she got stomachache and came to the hospital.

Doctor tells Fateh that Tejo is fine. Fateh comes to see an unconscious Tejo and apologizes to her. The latter gets her memory back. She gains her consciousnesses and angrily satres at Fateh. The latter tries to reasssure her. Tejo pushes Fateh away. Tejo takes a knife and threatenes him to not stay come near her shocking Fateh. She accuses him of trying to kill her. Fateh claims that he loves her. Tejo says that Fateh only loves Jasmine and they both tried to kill her to remove her from their way. She lashes out at him. Fateh tries to clarify her misunderstanding, but Tejo refuses to listen to him stating that she saw everything. She calls out doctor. Doctor arrives. Tejo says that she’s scared of Fateh and asks doctor to send him out. Tejo asks doctor to inform her family and Angad. She says that her wedding was fixed with Angad. Fateh hears this and gets happy realizing that Tejo got her memory back.

Fateh Fateh cries out of happiness and thanks God. He goes back to give Tejo her favorite jalebi. There Jasmine asks Satti to find out about Tejo. Rupy gets Fateh’s call. Fateh tells them that he found Tejo and she got her memory back. He asks them to come to the city hospital. Jasmine asks them to go to Tejo. They rush. Jasmine hopes that Tejo would have become complete mental.

At the Virks Gurpreet apologizes to Kushbeer for her behavior towards Fateh and Tejo. Kushbeer asks her to rectify her mistakes. Gurpreet says that she is ready to accept Tejo as her daughter-in-law. Kushbeer asks Gurpreet to call Fateh and call him to return home with Tejo. In the hospital Tejo says to the doctor that she’s pregnant, so she can’t inject her. Doctor checks her reports and says that she’s not pregnant. Tejo refuses to believe. The nurse says that Tejo must have lost her child in the previous fire accident that happened with Tejo 9 months before. Tejo recalls what all happened before her first fire accident. She is shocked that 9 months have passed. She asks doctor to call police to register police complaint against Fateh for attempting to kill her.

Doctor doesn’t allow Fateh to meet Tejo and asks him to wait outside till her family arrives. Fateh goes to Tejo and tries to talk to her. Doctor stops Fateh and says that Tejo isn’t well, her memory went back 9 months before. She thinks that she’s pregnant. Tejo accuses Fateh of trying to kill her and killing her child Hospital staffs forcibly take Fateh out of the ward. Meanwhile Virks decide to bring back Tejo home.

Fateh dresses up as a ward boy and comes to meet Tejo to clear her misunderstandings The latter gets scared on seeing Fateh and tries to run away. Fateh stops her and tries to explain her. Tejo asks if he can bring back her lost child. She calls Fateh the murderer of his own child. She refuses to forgive him for the same. She asks where Angad is. Fateh tries to explain that he is innocent, but Tejo refuses to believe him and lashes out at him. Police arrrives there. Tejo asks police to arrest Fateh for trying to burn her alive. Police drags Fateh out.

The episode ends.

Precap: Tejo tells that she was pregnant with Fateh’s child and won’t forgive Fateh to kill her child. Sandhus and Virks get shocked on hearing this. Fateh scares Jasmine with fire torch and asks her to tell who is responsible for Tejo’s fire accident.

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