Udaariyaan 20th June 2022 Written Update: Fateh and Tejo spend quality time together


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The episode starts with Sandhus watching Fatej taking care of Tejo. Tejo asks Fateh to make her hair. Satti says that she will do. Tejo demands Fateh to do it. Gurpreet phones Jasmine. She asks Jasmine to come to Gurudwara taking Fateh with her. Jasmine gets happy. Fateh makes Tejo’s hair. Tejo gets happy. She starts crying when she doesn’t find Fateh for a minute. She hugs him crying. She says to not leave him. Fateh writes his name, phone number and address on the paper and gives making a boat of it to Tejo to use it whenever she goes missing.

Fateh says to the Sandhus to treat Tejo as a kid and hide all harmful things from her. Jasmine says to Fateh that Gurpreet called them to the Gurudwara. Fateh says her to go with her brother. Jasmine looks unhappy. Fateh says that they should keep fire away from Tejo as she’s scared of it. Jasmine hears this and smriks. She goes upstairs. Satti cries and says to Fateh that she’s not able to see Tejo in this condition. She asks how long Fateh can take care of Tejo and if his family will agree to it. Fateh promises to be always on Tejo’s side and make her fine.

Tejo is playing with the paper boat.Jasmine comes to Tejo. Jasmine snatches the boat. Tejo says her to return the boat that Fateh gave her. Jasmine lights the lighter. Tejo gets scared on seeing the fire. Jasmine closes Tejo’s mouth and asks her to not shout. Jasmine threatens Tejo with the fire and says to go downstairs and say to all that she doesn’t want to marry Fateh. Tejo runs down stairs. She comes to Fateh and hugs him. Fateh and family get worried on seeing Tejo scared. Tejo says that Fateh is her groom and she will marry him.

Jasmine gives water to Tejo. Tejo throws the water and says that sisters are bad. Jasmine sheds crocodile tears and hugs Satti. The latter says to Tejo that her sister is very nice. Tejo denies it. She shouts that sisters are bad and breaks the things in the kitchen. She makes noice using a spoon and plate. Fateh calms her down. Fateh says to Tejo that they will go out and have breakfast competition. Tejo agrees. Fateh says to Satti to pack the parathas. Jasmine thinks that Tejo will do exactly of the opposite she will say, so she has to find a another way.

Fateh takes Tejo in his bike. They share some quality time together. In Gurudwara Jasmine sees Gurpreet and thinks of putting up an act. Gurpreet calls out Jasmine. The latter deliberately ignores till she calls her three times. Gurpreet asks where Fateh is. Jasmine says that Fateh is with Tejo. She tells Gurpreet that Tejo tried to stab her with knife, but Fateh stopped her in time. She says to Gurpreet to not force Fateh when Tejo isn’t fine. She says that she has come to pray for Tejo and she doesn’t misunderstand her.

Gurpreet says that they all can see her care for Tejo. Gurpreet says that they have given Fateh time to decide. Other side Fateh and Tejo are spending time together. Here Gurpreet requests Jasmine to give time to Fateh and to not take any wrong decision. Jasmine says that she won’t take any wrong decision, but she can’t give birth to this child alone. Gurpreet thinks that Fateh has to marry Jasmine, not Tejo for Amrik’s child’s sake.

The episode ends.

Precap: Fateh, Tejo and the family meet a Fakir Baba. Satti asks if Tejo will get well. They get shocked when Baba says that Tejo can’t get well. Tejo comes to a place in the night. She sees a shadow and asks who is. She shouts Fateh getting scared.

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